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2012-2013 Housing Application
  • 2012-2013
    Housing Application


    New First Year and Transfer Students

    After you have completed your online housing application, please print, complete, and mail or fax a copy of the Campus Housing Agreement to the Residence Life Office. Once we receive your on-line housing application and your completed copy of the Campus Housing Agreement (PDF), you will receive a confirmation letter via the email address you have provided.


    Continuing Capital University Students

    Students will complete the Campus Housing Agreement during the room selection/lottery process each Spring. Those returning students who do not participate in the room selection/lottery process should print, complete and mail or fax a copy of the Campus Housing Agreement (PDF) to the Residence Life Office.

    Students will not be assigned to campus housing until the completed Campus Housing Agreement is received.


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    Please provide a confidential contact person to be notified within 24-hours of a determination that the student is missing as established by campus safety or local law enforcement. If the student is under the age of 18, the students parent/guardian will be notified.

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    General Information 

    General Information
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    Note that all residence halls are non-smoking.  

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    Cluster Housing
    Cluster Housing Selection  (New First Year Students Only):


    Honors Cluster - Students living in the Honors Cluster will participate in gatherings, seminars and cultural enrichment in collaboration with the Honors Program. The Honors Cluster is open to students who apply and are accepted into the Honors Program.


    Academic Cluster - Students living in an Academic Cluster will be housed on a floor with other students in their intended academic area of study and will receive targeted programming from their academic area.


    Healthy Choices Cluster - Students living in the Healthy Choices Cluster will receive targeted programming on academic, personal, and interpersonal wellness topics. They will sign a contract committing to live substance (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs) free. Please note, the Healthy Choices floor will be co-ed and house both first year and upperclass students.


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