2013 Outreach Campaign
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    Lead. Inspire. Make a Difference.
    Outreach Campaign 2013 

    Congratulations to those who helped show Capital University's support for social responsibility and civic engagement through our 2013 Community Connect campaign.

    Here are the results you can be proud of.
    This year, we raised a total of $7,499 ($4,751 for the United Way and $2,748 for Community Shares) and our total participation rate was 20.4%

    » Participation Competition
    » About the Partner Organizations   
    » Raffle Prizes and Winners
    » More About Jeans Day Donations 

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    Pledge today.

    » United Way Donor Brochure and Donation Form (PDF)

    » Community Shares Donation Form (PDF)

    Return your completed forms to Stefanie Hansen, 222 Yochum Hall.

    Participation Competition


    Congratulations to Planning and Advancement! Participants from that division win a movie night with President Bowman.


     Meet the Partners 

    United Way

    We are your neighbors, co-workers and friends. Most of all, we are coalition builders, resource channelers and change makers.
    We follow a mission that guides everything we do: Improve the lives of others by mobilizing the caring power of our community. We pursue a vision that keeps us moving toward an even brighter future: Build a community in which everyone has the aspirations, resources, and opportunities to reach their fullest potential. We Advance the Common Good. 

    Community Shares

    A federation of sixty-five local charities that address a wide range of social and environmental services and issues. Community Shares funds long-term, prevention-oriented solutions that emphasize social change and justice. Community-based volunteer led agencies preventing neighborhood and community violence, child abuse, homelessness and hunger, and environmental devastation; protecting civil and human rights; increasing literacy, affordable housing and safety.


    Contact Stefanie Hansen in Yochum Hall 222 at or 614-236-6128.

    Participation Raffle

    Raffle Prize Winners

    Golf prize: David Summers
    Holiday Inn Downtown/COSI passes: Shelley Miller
    Courtyard Downtown: Peggy Irion
    CMA family pass: Jennifer Hodge
    CMA family pass: Sara Thompson
    Funnybone for 2: Susanna Mayo
    Top gift card: Susan Simms
    Top gift card: Peter Horn
    Guiseppes gift card: Larry Hunter
    United Way gift bag: Brent Koerber
    United Way gift bag: Andy Carlson
    Drexel Tickets: Melissa Wiruth, Jean Jacko, Anne Callahan, Kathy Donovan, Viola Walters, JoYin Tang
    Chipotle gift card: Stacey Jones, Mandy Sohl, Eric Richmond, Terri Botsko
    Graeters gift card: Jason Davis

    Jeans Day Donations

    United Way Jeans Day - Friday, November 8, 2013
    Community Shares Jeans Day - Friday, November 22, 2013

    If you have already pledged to the partner organization being supported for each jeans day, you are eligible to wear jeans.  If you would like to donate cash that day to wear jeans, you can give your money to your building representative.