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Preparatory Division Individual Lessons
  • The Conservatory Preparatory Division can put you and your children in tune with your inner musicians.


    Older children and adults can build and strengthen their instrumental or vocal skills by taking:

    • Private instrumental lessons (traditional and jazz)
    • Private and group voice lessons


    Do you or your child have the urge to share your growing talent with others? You can choose to:

    • Join one of our choral or instrumental ensembles
    • Participate in monthly recitals to hone your performance skills


    The CPD has a close reciprocal relationship with Capital's acclaimed Conservatory of Music. When the Conservatory hosts visiting musicians, you can attend special events like:

    • Lectures
    • Workshops
    • Recitals


    Individual Lesson Fees

    Lesson fees for all individual lessons vary with the teacher. In recognition of a teacher's accomplishment and to allow an opportunity for promotion, a teacher may be classified at one of three levels. The instruction given at all three levels is of a high quality.

    Fees per 7-week term are $19, $21.50 or $24 a half hour, depending on the teacher's level, and are pro-rated for the actual length of the lesson.

    Private instrumental instruction is available on piano (classical and jazz), organ, guitar (classical and jazz), and most band and orchestral instruments. Private vocal instruction is available for students ages 14 and older. All students are encouraged to perform on campus in regularly scheduled recitals. Some teachers also give their students the opportunity to participate in music festivals and competitions.

    Please call us with any questions you may have: (614) 236-6201

    Please complete the Conservatory Preparatory Division application form to get started.

    The CCPD is a certified member of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts.