Fraternity and Sorority Life

Capital University’s fraternity and sorority community continues its proud 60-year history.  This established community offers a wide variety of opportunities that are different than other student organizations.  They are values-based organizations that strive to make men better men and women better women.  

Students involved in fraternity and sorority life:

  • live their fraternal and personal values every day for the betterment of themselves, others, and the community;
  • traditionally exceed the all undergraduate campus GPA;
  • are generally more involved with other student organizations and the community;
  • find opportunities to gain leadership and civic engagement experiences while creating lifelong friendships;
  • understand their commitments to fraternal bonds are lifelong and not only exclusive to their time at Capital University.


Fraternity and Sorority Life at Capital University encourages growth, development, and education among its members in a diverse community; by displaying our dedication to the tenants of civic engagement including Capital and the surrounding community, adhering to policies and values congruence, enhancing individual membership and operating our chapters with efficiency.


Learn More About Us

To learn about Capital University's Fraternity and Sorority Life community, find us on Twitter @CapitalFSL and on Facebook. 


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AΦA - Alpha Phi Alpha
AΣΦ - Alpha Sigma Phi
ΦΚΨ - Phi Kappa Psi
ΚΣ - Kappa Sigma
ΣAB - Sigma Alpha Beta


AΚA - Alpha Kappa Alpha
AΣA - Alpha Sigma Alpha
ΔΦΕ - Delta Phi Epsilon
ΔΣΘ - Delta Sigma Theta
ΠΦΕ - Pi Phi Epsilon
ΦΣΣ - Phi Sigma Sigma



David Gonzalez
Student and Community Engagement
Panhellenic/Intersorority Council 
Interfraternity Council