Student Government

Bobbi Wilson

Academic Year: Senior

Major(s): History and International Studies


Representing: President

Hometown: Waynesville, OH

Message: I want to work to make Student Government a group that students, faculty, and the administration can all come to with ideas, issues, and ways to make Capital University be the best that it can be. I believe this can be achieved by being more visible and effective through the upcoming year and into the future. Through up front as well as behind the scenes initiatives, I want to see Student Government not only address issues brought to us, but seek out prospective areas of improvement that can lead to things such as higher retention rates, a safer campus, and a better general campus climate for everyone. Specific goals I would like to see us start with include better lighting and cameras in the parking lots and on campus, effectively implementing our new constitution, look into the professor evaluation process, work to make the dining experience more favorable, address structural improvements and have Student Government be a present and involved group on campus. My personal goal is to be a present and a personable President while being an effective advocate and liaison between the students and the administration. I also want to be very involved with the Senate and encourage the group to grow to its potential.