Student Government

John McClain

Academic Year: Junior

Major(s): Vocal Music Education

Committees: Student Activities Committee

Representing: Conservatory of Music

Hometown: Logan, OH

Message: I am so excited for this upcoming school year, for many reasons, but especially for my first term representing the Conservatory in Student Government. We have so much going for us here at Capital – a beautiful campus, a thriving student body, and an extraordinary faculty and staff… the Cap Family. We’ve all heard this phrase and say in our heads, “awwwww… the cap family.” However, we really do have a family here, and also all around the country! “Oh! You went to Cap??” bam! Instant connection! It is my goal to embrace this phrase during my term on Student Government and bring this campus together, in all of its parts, to be aware and make aware of everything that happens on campus, especially the new and exciting things coming this year! We’re here, getting an outstanding education, maybe better than we ever imagined… Let’s make the best of it.