Student Government

Mitch Stith

Academic Year: Junior

Major(s): Political Science/Spanish

Committees: Student Organization Allocation Committee

Representing: Executive Vice President

Hometown: Sunbury, OH

Message: It is my personal belief that if at the end of four years you walk away from Capital University with just a piece of paper, you have not only wasted your time, but your money as well. I envision a Capital University community in which there is never a shortage of organizations and activities in which our students may be involved. It is because of this vision that I feel that we as students must never stop pushing ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone. We must never settle and we must certainly never become complacent, for it is complacency that is enemy number one. Under this new and improved Student Senate, we will see a Student Government that holds not only itself responsible, but the administration and other student organizations as well. Bobbi and I brought the Readership Program to our Campus and I promise you this, We Will go above and beyond to make Capital University an even better institution for every student on campus.