Student Government

Patrick Donahue

Academic Year: Sophomore

Major(s):  Economics, Mathematics, Minors: Finance and Accounting


Representing: Vice President of Finance

Hometown: Youngstown, OH

Message: My main goal is to allocate a lot of requested funds to worthy organizations, in an attempt to liven Capital’s campus life. I want the Capital experience to be as memorable and enjoyable as possible for all students. Over my next three years as a Capital student I would like to see: • A huge increase in on-campus events • Stagnant organizations and new organizations getting developed and more involved here at Cap, so that everyone has an opportunity to find a great organization that fits their personality type. • Growth in Capital Greek life • Better exercising facilities for athletes and non-athletes • More on and off campus food options for Capital flex dollars • an increase in funds given to Student Government by Capital due to this jolt we would like to help put into campus life Once more groups develop; I’d like to see strong communication between all of Capital’s organizations, so that Student Government can help facilitate and sponsor great events for all of our students here.