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Gerhold Chair

  • The Edward and Mary Catherine Gerhold Chair in the Humanities

    Edward L. and Mary Catherine Gerhold established an endowed chair in the humanities and the Mary Catherine Gerhold Annual Lecture in the Humanities at Capital University to promote peace and human understanding through higher education. Funds from the endowment also support symposia, conferences, study projects and other scholarly activities in Mrs. Gerhold’s honor. They were longtime Bexley residents, and Edward Gerhold was a lifelong Lutheran. The Gerholds were awarded honorary alumni status in 1996.

    The Gerholds believed that:
    learning in the humanities is central to all education;
    learning in the humanities fosters ideals in Capital University graduates that are consistent with those purposes and ideals espoused in the mission of the University; and
    the study of both integrative humanities courses as well as coursework in the disciplines that include but are not limited to literature, philosophy, religion, languages, history, and the history and theoretical understanding of artistic expression allows for a more complete expression of the human potential as well as fostering greater breadth of intellectual development.


    Eligible candidates for The Edward and Mary Catherine Gerhold Chair in the Humanities will be full-time, tenure-track or tenured, current or newly appointed Capital University humanities faculty members. The definition of the humanities shall be in accordance with the definition set forth by the National Endowment for the Humanities, which includes but is not limited to the study of history, philosophy, languages, linguistics, literature, archaeology, comparative religion, and ethics. Other faculty may be eligible if it can be shown that they teach their discipline from a humanities perspective and are qualified to teach general education courses in the humanities. The chair holder is expected to teach at least two integrative humanities courses within the general education program per year. The chair holder will receive a 25 percent teaching load reassignment for research and service in fostering the humanities at Capital University. Based upon available proceeds of the endowment, the holder may be awarded an annual summer scholarship stipend and may propose an annual budget to foster the purposes of the endowed chair. The chair holder is expected to take an active role in general education pertaining to the humanities. The appointee may hold the chair for a six-year term, subject to annual review and reappointment, and may be eligible for subsequent reappointment. The holder will submit an annual report of activity to the academic dean, provost, and Gerhold Committee.

    Selection Process

    The Edward and Mary Catherine Gerhold Chair in the Humanities will be appointed by the president and officially named by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the appropriate faculty, academic dean, and provost. The Gerhold Committee, which will include the chair or designee from each humanities department and the academic dean or designee, will review nominations for the chair and recommend one or more candidates for appointment. In addition, the Gerhold Committee, led by the Edward and Mary Catherine Gerhold Chair and assisted by a liaison from the advancement staff, will provide ongoing guidance to the chair holder on matters related to the endowed chair and on the annual Mary Catherine Gerhold Lecture in the Humanities.