Capital Improvements: Campus Construction Update — Week of June 25, 2012

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

As the water line replacement project along College Avenue moves forward, water service to Renner Hall will be temporarily disrupted on Monday, June 25. Meanwhile, campus parking improvements will continue this week, and certain spaces in the Blackmore Library — stripped to its bones on the first and second floors — are starting to take shape. Read the latest we have to report on summer campus improvement projects in our weekly update.


City of Bexley College Avenue improvements progress

The College Avenue water line work has progressed to the intersection of Astor and College avenues. As a result, this intersection will be closed to traffic. College Avenue from Main Street to Mound Street is now open for access to the Huber-Spielman parking lot. Sheridan Avenue also is now open to Mound Street. Library-Frames-2


Water line shut down, Renner Hall

On Monday, June 25, from 7:30 to 10:30 am, water will be shut off in Renner Hall. The existing water service to the building is connected to the lines along College Avenue. The city's new main line is connected differently, so the old water line to Renner Hall is being replaced. It's possible this work may affect other buildings on campus, but the extent of it won't be known until the work begins.


Campus Center improvements require Cru Club to shut down temporarily

A new grease interceptor is being installed in the Harry C. Moores Campus Center to improve plumbing and substantially reduce backup of water in the basement. A lot of this work requires access to the ceiling of the Cru Club, which has caused a large portion of the Cru Club dining room to be unusable. To better facilitate the work, the Cru Club will be closed Monday, June 25, through Wednesday, August 1. To minimize the inconvenience, the Cru Brew Café in Saylor-Ackermann Hall will extend its hours to 8 am to 1 pm and offer "Grab-n-go" sandwiches and lunch items during this time period.


Capital Commons parking lot to be resurfaced

Parking lot improvements will pick up again next week. The parking at the Capital Commons apartments, located on Park Drive, will begin Monday, June 25, weather permitting. The work will be completed in two halves so summer residents will have access to their parking spots. The lot will be resurfaced with asphalt and restriped. The west half of the horseshoe-shaped lot will be completed first, followed by the east half. Signs and barricades will help redirect traffic as necessary.


Blackmore Library takes shape

Construction is progressing quickly. The ceilings, carpet and walls have all been removed. New walls are being framed, and the Office of Facilities Management is coordinating with the Provost’s Office library and staff to reconfigure the entire book collection on the third floor. To see more photos, visit


Lohman Complex lounge upgrades move forward

Construction began last week in Lohman Complex to upgrade the lounge spaces. New finishes and furniture will be added for studying, computing and lounging on the first and third floors. The basement lounge will be improved with the addition of a gaming area and a small workout space. The basement lounge floor has been removed, and ceiling work is under way. New lighting, paint and flooring will be installed soon.


Insulation, upgrades of pipelines nearly complete

Upgrades to condensate pipelines in the tunnels are nearly complete. Approximately 400 linear feet of insulation was replaced, and repairs to major valves are under way. This will improve the efficiency of the central plant and reduce water use.

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