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    • Comfort beyond the walls

      Capital University Chapel Choir Brings Tidings of Comfort to inmates at the Ohio Reformatory for Women

      “Tidings of Comfort” is the central theme of Capital University’s Christmas Festival this year, and the Chapel Choir has taken an immersive approach to learning what comfort means, not only beyond the walls of campus, but beyond the walls  of our personal inhibitions as well....

    • University, Seminary Boards Approve Agreement to Establish Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University

      Kathryn Kleinhans

      COLUMBUS, OH. Monday, Nov. 6, 2017–The boards of Capital University and Trinity Lutheran Seminary have approved an agreement to unify the institutions and establish Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University, effective Jan. 1, 2018....

    • ‘We’re from Capital’ Wins Platinum Award

      Award Video

      “We’re from Capital: Our Story, Created and Told By Us,” has won top honors — two platinum awards — in the 2017 MarCom Awards. The video, created and launched in spring 2017 for the inauguration of Capital University President Beth Paul, won platinum awards in the categories of Social Video and Original Music. The magic behind the video’s creative concept and execution is it was created by Capital students, alumni, faculty and partners who employ Capital interns and alumni, like Fahlgren Mortine. ...

    • A Most Fortunate Event

      Lindi Cisco and David Handler

      On October 24, Capital sophomore Lindi Cisco got to meet the author she credits with inspiring her read. David Handler, aka – Lemony Snicket was the featured speaker at this year’s Gerhold Lecture and the machinations of the stories she read in early childhood came to life in the author’s personality. ...

    • Class Notes with Samuel Gracida

      Samuel Gracida
      Aspiring musician shares his passion for music and travel

      The world may be an ever-changing environment separated by numerous cultural differences, but there is one thing that can bring us all together — music. Music is a language that can be understood in any country. Samuel Gracida is a Capital University senior with a Music Industry major and minor in Religion. He also is a guitarist in the Conservatory....

    • Capital University, Trinity Lutheran Seminary Present Reformation 500

      Reformation 500 Inset
      Month-long Series to Commemorate Luther’s Legacy of Free Inquiry, Critical Dialogue, Reform

      Capital University and Trinity Lutheran Seminary will present a series of events beginning in late September to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. Martin Luther’s posting of 95 theses for discussion and debate, which according to tradition he nailed to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517, is commemorated as the beginning of the Reformation. While not the first or only reformer, Luther, a university professor, was a catalyst in this movement, which brought sweeping changes to church and society and changed the religious landscape of Europe. Luther championed free inquiry and education, opening a critical dialogue that would change Christianity and its European context....

    • Gerhold Lecture features Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket

      Daniel Handler 600x600
      American novelist, children’s writer, musician, journalist and creator of Lemony Snicket

      On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, the Gerhold Lecture Series in the Humanities will host Daniel Handler, creator of the Lemony Snicket books, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Handler will be at Capital University to talk about the writing of his new book, “All the Dirty Parts,” and sharing his thoughts on Lemony Snicket....

    • Class Notes with Amanda Sorrell

      Amanda Sorrell inset
      Aspiring poet shares experiences and personal secret to success.

      Capital University junior Amanda Sorrell is a double major in Creative Writing and Religion. This past summer she participated in the Summer Scholars program where she wrote a collection of Honduran-inspired poems based on her own personal experiences....

    • Active Aging

      Maestro David Dworkin
      Older but Bolder Series Continues with CONDUCTORCISE Sept. 28

      With a continued focus on active aging, Capital University’s Nursing Program will present Maestro David Dworkin and CONDUCTORCISE, another installment in its Older but Bolder series at 7 pm Thursday, September 28, in The Capital Cente...

    • David Gentilini appointed director of the Schumacher Gallery

      David Gentilini

      As the newly appointed director and 1998 Capital graduate, Gentilini has close ties with the gallery. He started as an assistant to the former director, Cassandra Tellier, back in 2000. Tellier was also Gentilini’s art history professor, and gave him not only his job, but also his passion for the gallery. ...

    • Class Notes with Stephanie Schwarten

      Stephanie Schwarten
      Aspiring novelist shares motivation and passion for writing.

      The cliché is often the first obstacle a writer must overcome. No matter how compelling the subject, a story told from the same lens each time starts to become as vapid as a piece of over-chewed gum. Capital University senior Stephanie Schwarten is a Professional Writing major who is also in the process of writing a novel which she hopes will offer a counter perspective to victims of sexual assault, a topic she has spent many hours researching....

    • Capital University Names Bill Mea Vice President for Business and Finance

      Bill Mea

      Capital University has named Bill Mea vice president for Business and Finance, effective October 16. Mea comes to Capital from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, in New York....

    • CEO Insights in Retail: Emerging Workforce, Talent Seek Purpose Over Profit

      Retail Summit 2017
      A paycheck just isn’t enough anymore. The emerging workforce wants to do more.

      Whether you’re a CEO fashioning the largest tween specialty retailer in the world, an executive designing a turnaround to save a major international jewelry corporation about to close its doors, or a college student preparing to enter the workforce, the chief motivator for attracting and retaining top talent is shifting from profit to purpose....

    • Rebel with a Cause

      Moriah Reichert Feature
      Radical change and historical reformers inspire Moriah Reichert to do more – not less.

      Growing up as the daughter of a Lutheran pastor in a rural Ohio, Moriah Reichert knows the inescapable awareness and responsibility being “the pastor's kid" brings. In a town barely...

    • Facilities Management Launches New Recycling Program


      In an effort to reduce this ecological footprint locally, Capital University’s Office of Facilities Management has unveiled a new recycling program to establish uniformity and clarity regarding where recycled goods should go, and what can and cannot be recycled....

    • Capital University Welcomes Garien Hudson as Director of Admission

      Garien Hudson

      Capital University has named Garien Hudson director of admission. As director, Hudson will lead the undergraduate admission team in recruiting and retaining best-fit students to support university strategy and goals for enrollment, persistence and degree attainment. He will join the Capital Family Tuesday, August 1....

    • The Rev. Dr. Stanley N. Olson Named Interim President of Trinity Lutheran Seminary

      Stanley Olson

      The Rev. Dr. Stanley N. Olson has been named interim president of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Capital University and the Seminary announced today. The Seminary’s Board of Directors passed a resolution Friday morning electing Olson to a five-month term as president, effective August 1 through December 31, 2017. Trinity’s current president, the Rev. Dr. Rick Barger, announced in May 2016 he would retire in August 2017, concluding a dynamic and influential four-year term. ...

    • Summer Scholar Valerie Szabo debunks fake news with fact-checking technology and research

      Valerie Szabo

      From adolescence through adulthood,  we’re observing a generation who appears remarkably fluent in multi-tasking. They weave through social media sites effortlessly, text friends with lightning speed, and journal nearly every hour of their lives through the lens of a smartphone. Collectively, we’re Generation Tech.But we’re also finding out that, despite having endless access to information, Generation Tech is becoming increasingly clueless when it comes to filtering accuracy and trustworthiness in the 24/7/365 news cycle afforded by modern technology.That’s the topical space where Valerie Szabo, a rising senior at Capital University, is spending her summer as part of a 10-week research project. She is one of eight Capital students who have been awarded the honor of Summer Scholar, participating in a high-impact program offered here, which allows students to conduct their own research on campus with a faculty mentor....

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