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Past Learning Series Offerings
  • Fall Learning Series 2013 – Learn, Share, Explore

     Date, Time  Title, Instructor  Track  Description
    Wednesday, Aug 21
    2-3 pm
    Intro to iLearn
    Autumm Caines
    Learn      This workshop will concentrate on basic iLearn tools used to navigate iLearn, upload content, new features in collecting papers, turning courses on, and more.
    Friday, Aug 30
    10 am - 4 pm
    CELT Open House
    CELT Team
    Learn Visit CELT for some chats and refreshments.
    Thursday, Septr 5
    Noon - 1 pm
    Book Club and Learning Series Kickoff
    Dan Weinstein, Andrea Karkowski
    Explore Book Club and Learning Series kickoff
    Thursday, Sept 12
    1-2 pm
    Autumm Caines
    Learn Turnitin is a digital assignment Dropbox that can check for plagiarism and allow for digital feedback.
    Tuesday, Sept 17
    1-2 pm
    What's New in iLearn
    Autumm Caines 
    Learn iLearn Summer 2013 upgrade brought anonymous assignments, outcome tracking, and other cool new features.
    Thursday, Sept 26
    1-2 pm
    iLearn eLearning Course: Template and Quality Matters
    Wen-Li Feng
    Learn The iLearn eLearning course template is based on Quality Matters rubric which is a set of standards for online course quality assurance and continuous improvement.
    Tuesday, Oct 1
    1-2 pm
    First Book Club Discussion
    Dan Weinstein, Andrea Karkowski
    Explore First Book Club discussion
    Friday, Oct 11
    Noon - 1 pm
    A Panoply of Political Paradoxes: 'Nuns on the Bus' and Election 2012 in the United States
    Susan Marilley
    Share  Susan will be presenting the topic at the National Women's Studies Association meeting in November.
    Tuesday, Oct 15
    1-2 pm
    The Flipped Classroom
    Stephanie G. Wilson
    Share Stephanie will share her experiences with flipping her statistics class. 
    Friday, Oct 25
    Noon - 1 pm
    eLearning course show case: One hybrid course and one online course
    Bill Kennedy, Jane Hutcheson, and Wen-Li Feng
    Share Faculty and student experience of successful hybrid and online course.
    Tuesday, Oct 29
    1-2 pm
    Second Book Club Discussion
    Dan Weinstein, Andrea Karkowski
    Explore Second Book Club discussion
    NEW Addition!!!!
    Wednesday, Nov 6
    New York Times inEducation
    Kandace Rusnack, Education Team Manager NYT 
    Learn This workshop will demonstrate specific instructional strategies on how to integrate content from the New York Times newspaper into your courses.  NYT is providing lunch for this session please RSVP with you choice of Chicken, Ham, or Veggie to by Oct. 30th 
    Thursday, Nov 7
    1-2 pm
    Dan Weinstein 
    Thursday, Nov 14
    1-2 pm
    Free Web-based Tools for Teaching and Learning
    Explore Explore free web-based tools for teaching and learning
    Thursday, Nov 21 Recording Available!!!
    1-2 pm     
    iLearn Gradebook
    Autumm Caines
    Learn iLearn’s Gradebook is a great way to communicate assignment and test grades to students.  A recording of this session can be watched by those with a Capital account by clicking here
    Tuesday, Dec 3
    1-2 pm
    Final Book Club Discussion
    Dan Weinstein, Andrea Karkowski
    Explore Final Book Club Discussion