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VHS to DVD Conversions
  • VHS to DVD Services for Faculty

    As of January 2013, VHS technology in the classroom is no longer supported. Current technology in the classroom will allow you to play CDs, DVDs and to stream music or videos on computers. If you have VHS tapes that you would like to use for teaching, please convert them to a digital format. Equipment is available in the IT department to convert VHS materials directly to a DVD. It is legal for you to make a digital copy of materials that you personally own. It is illegal to copy a tape that does not belong to you (ex: OhioLink, coworker) without written permission from the copyright holder.

    Under the fair use law, you are permitted to copy a small portion of any copyrighted material for teaching and educational purposes. Use the fair use checklist to see if your material qualifies. Conversions will not be done for copyrighted materials that doesn't belong to the department or faculty member. You may submit up to 5 VHS tapes at a time for conversions. You must supply your own blank DVD-R disks.

    Capital University and the IT department will observe all copyright laws and restrictions when duplicating materials to protect fair use and avoid copyright infringement. We reserve the right to refuse any request that may put the university and its personnel at risk for criminal prosecution or civil law suits.

    Faculty or departments requesting VHS to DVD conversions for educational purposes must adhere and meet the following criteria:

    • Faculty or departments must own the original VHS tape being copied
    • Faculty or departments must maintain the original VHS tape as proof of ownership after conversion
    • Complete and personally sign documentation at the time of tape submission stating that you or your department are the legal owner of all materials submitted
    • Label each tape you submit with your name, email address, department name and a telephone number

    VHS to DVD conversion time frames will vary depending on the timing of the semester. Allow up to 5 business days during normal semester times and up to 8 business days during high peak times of the semester. If you have questions, contact IT at or 614-236-6508.