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Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Capital University has initiated the search for a new vice president for Business and Finance following the announced retirement of Susan E. Tate.  


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    Following nearly a decade of consistently balanced operating budgets, Capital is seeking a new vice president who will accept responsibility for leading all of Capital’s business and financial affairs.

    While proud of its fiscal recovery since 2006-2007 and optimistic about its future, the University’s expectations of a new vice president go well beyond maintaining Capital’s financial status quo. The vice president for Business and Finance will serve as a key member of the University’s leadership team and will be expected to assume responsibilities as soon as possible in the 2014-2015 fiscal year.


    About Capital University

    Located just minutes from downtown Columbus, Ohio, Capital University is a comprehensive, private university grounded in the Lutheran tradition. The education we offer is experiential, intimate and urban. From the arts and sciences to professional programs, our professors excel at both challenging students and creating a personalized learning environment.


    What We Believe

    Since our founding in 1830 and charter in 1850, Capital University’s mission has been one of transforming lives through higher education. By drawing upon the Lutheran principle of free inquiry, Capital:

    • Provides for personal growth by encouraging, enabling and celebrating learning; 
    • Prepares individuals to be knowledgeable, independent, critical thinkers – educated for lives of leadership and service in an increasingly diverse society; and 
    • Inspires individuals to be morally reflective, spiritually alive and civically engaged. 

    What We Do

    The oldest university in Central Ohio, Capital prepares a diverse student body for life and work through undergraduate and graduate curricula that balance the principles of liberal and professional education. Built on a solid foundation of academic skills, students learn to think critically, reason logically, and communicate clearly. As independent, lifelong learners, Capital University students discover their capacity for leadership and service to their community and world.

    Capital students find themselves in a close-knit community of learners who expect academic rigor, experiential learning, intellectual energy and critical inquiry. Regardless of their major, we want our students to study what they love and love what they study.

    We want them to make a difference. We expect them to fulfill their passion and make an impact on the greater good. We believe intellect is best developed when it’s exposed to education inside and far from the classroom. That’s how we engage the community in the pursuit of lifelong learning.

    In short, Capital University prepares students to change the world — through both their professional lives and personal service.