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Mission and Vision

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    Transforming lives through higher education 

    By drawing upon the Lutheran principle of free inquiry, Capital University:

    • Provides for personal growth by encouraging, enabling, and celebrating learning;
    • Prepares individuals to be knowledgeable, independent, critical thinkers — educated for lives of leadership and service in an increasingly diverse society; and
    • Inspires individuals to be morally reflective, spiritually alive, and civically engaged.


    Capital University is a comprehensive, independent university, grounded in the Lutheran tradition. It offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts, sciences and professions. It emphasizes excellence in teaching in a personalized, student-centered environment of robust academic challenge. It is committed to using multiple approaches to intellectual development to serve the lifelong learning of a heterogeneous population. It seeks to prepare individuals to live holistic lives of leadership and service.

    Capital's Lutheran identity

    Capital University is a diverse academic community. Capital affirms and embodies the following Lutheran principles:

    • Gift, Celebration, Stewardship
      Celebrating the world and our lives as God’s gifts, and accepting our responsibility as stewards of these gifts.
    • Freedom, Wholeness, Dialogue
      Affirming the freedom to be whole persons engaged in open and critical dialogue in pursuit of truth.
    • Vocation, Service
      Accepting Luther’s concept of vocation, to serve the needs of neighbor and world, and by embracing a diversity of vocations.