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  • Martha Gallagher Michael, Ph.D.


    "I strive to use the components of Universal Design for Learning in all courses, which includes presenting content in a variety of ways and modes, providing a variety of kinds of assessments, and being sure there is always high engagement for reciprocal learning to occur."


    Ruff Learning Center


    • Biography

      Martha Gallagher Michael is a professor of Education and has taught at both Ohio Dominican University and Ursuline College, where she also received tenure and promotion to associate professor. From 1991-2000 She taught in public city schools in Columbus and in Minneapolis, MN, both High school and K-8. In Minneapolis she taught both art and special education.

      She also was head of Fine Arts at Midland School in Los Olivos, CA. Before teaching she was a technical assistance provider for Helen Keller National Center in Sands Point, Long Island, N.Y. with 7 states in the country as her region of travel and has written many local, state, and federal grants. 

      She is currently the president of the Central Ohio Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, and has presented locally, regionally and internationally on topics of co-teaching, using graphs for increasing motivation and meta-cognition, using BAFA BAFA simulation in the college classroom to teach intercultural awareness, and continues to study the effects of Capital Students' growth from tutoring youth at the Franklin Co. Juvenile Detention Facility, as well as documenting the academic gains of the youth. She is an advocate for students and persons who have dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia and believes very strongly in early intervention. She was selected recently to receive the Homer and Isabelle Cotterman endowed chair in education for a distinguished professor in education, and resides in Columbus.


    • Classes

      • Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports
      • Diagnostic Teaching for Students with mild to moderate disabilities
      • Autism, Dyslexia and Writing Grants

    • Degrees Earned

      • B.F.A. Capital University -1978
      • M.A.-Art Education-The Ohio State U. 1981
      • Ph.D.-Special Education - The Ohio State U. 1990

    • Publications

      • Miller, K., & Michael, M. (2014). Collaboration as a Valued Practice in Teacher Education Programs. The Ohio Journal of Teacher Education, 24(2), pp.53-59.
      • Michael, M. (2013). “Reflection of the Processes and Benefits of Co-teaching in Clinical Practice”, Field Experience Journal,electronic,Fall. 
      • Michael, M. & Miller, K. (2013). Deliberate Collaboration. Proceedings for the International Association of Special Education conference in Vancover, B.C., Canada.
      • Michael, M. G. (2012). Using Visual Graphs Derived from K- 12 Student Affinities and Interests for Daily or Weekly Progress Monitoring. Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education, 2(9), electronic.
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