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    • We are pleased that you are applying for admission to the Capital University Conservatory of Music. The information below is designed to help as you plan for your audition. The requested information will assist us in making an admission decision based on your academic, musical and personal qualifications. 

      The purpose of the audition is to determine the musical qualifications of each student. The guidelines under emphasis requirements on the Conservatory Admission webpage are there to assist you as you select the pieces you plan to perform. In addition to performing your prepared audition pieces, you will also be required to complete musicianship and audiation (theory) assessments. (Students submitting a video audition will complete sight-reading, and the musicianship and audiation assessments during Conservatory orientation.) 

      You will be notified of your results and scholarship award within two to three weeks of your audition. Your audition performance, academic record and admission application information will be used to determine your scholarship eligibility. Contact Conner Green at or 614-236-6101 with any questions. 

    • We look forward to hosting you for your on campus audition. After you submit the required documents, a confirmation email will be sent with more information on your audition date.

      During your audition day, you can expect assessments in the following three areas. These assessments are designed to determine your ability to be successful in the Capital University Conservatory of Music and beyond.

      1) Performance - Your performance in the audition will be conducted by the faculty of your applied area of study (voice or instrument). This will assess your current level of training, as well as your potential for growth in your program of choice. There will be a short interview with the faculty to ensure that they get to know you on a personal level as well as a performance level. (Students planning to major in composition will have a second performance audition time scheduled with the composition faculty to review your background and discuss your portfolio. Students planning to major in dual music education should complete two audition applications, one for each instrument. You will be scheduled for two auditions.)

      2) Music Theory - Your music theory session will assess your music theory competency as you complete an audio test that will measure your comprehension of pitch and meter.

      3) Listening Skills - Your listening skills portion will gauge your auditory skills in matching pitch as well as sight singing. In this assessment, you will sit one on one with a music theory faculty member.

      Students auditioning in January, February and March should expect to be on campus from 9:00 a.m. until early afternoon on your audition day. The exact times for your audition, theory and listening skills assessments will be provided when you arrive. We will be offering full campus tours, Conservatory tours, a student panel, financial aid presentation and lunch for you and your guests during your audition day.

      You can expect to to receive a phone call the Capital University Admission Office within one week of your audition with your results. Scholarship letters will be sent approximately two weeks after the audition has been completed.

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    Degree Preferences

    Indicate the degree program you plan to enter. If you are undecided about a specific program, please check Music, Undeclared. (Please note: You may only choose one degree program.)  


    *Composition majors must submit a portfolio of representative work. The portfolio must be submitted at least one month prior to the audition date and must include written scores of compositions. If recordings of compositions are available, please include them as well.  All portfolio compositions can be uploaded to our digital dropbox.
    **Applicants interested in the Music Education Dual Emphasis must submit applications for and perform both instrumental and vocal auditions. 



    *Note: Please complete separate audition applications if you plan to audition on more than one instrument and/or voice part.



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    Length of private study? 
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    List at least three compositions representative of your present achievement on this instrument. 






    Please list any other musical training or experience you have had such as solo and ensemble or participation in an ensemble at any level.



    List any other instruments that you play, your length of study and what years you studied (e.g. - 2010-present).

    In the space below, briefly discuss your career objectives: 



    If preferred, please submit a musical resume and any other supporting materials to or traditional mail: 

    Capital University Admission Office  
    Attn: Auditions
    1 College and Main 
    Columbus, OH 43209



    Instrumental auditions are not accompanied. Capital University will provide an accompanist for any vocal audition.



    Although, all auditions dates for students planning to start in Fall 2017 have passed, we are still happy to work with students on an individual basis. Individual auditions require a pre-screening. If you are still interested in auditioning, submit a brief video sample and submit this application. Once all documents have been reviewed by the faculty, you will be contacted regarding your next steps.



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