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  • The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences administers the Biology, Environmental Science, and Geology programs and is housed in Battelle Hall along with the other natural science and mathematics departments. This facilitates ample interdisciplinary interactions with faculty and students in related disciplines within Battelle Hall.

    Center for Computational Studies
    Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics
    Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry

    Battelle Hall is located on the corner of Main Street and Pleasant Ridge Street (view campus map) and contains numerous teaching and research laboratories used by our undergraduate students. Our teaching labs encourage inquiry-based exploration using our ample computing facilities, greenhouse, and specialized scientific equipment. All of this equipment is used by our undergraduate students in their coursework as well as under faculty supervision for student-centered research projects. We also take advantage of many of the local resources within Columbus and central Ohio. These include numerous MetroParks, COSI science center, Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and many other state and federal facilities.

    Eight laboratories in the Battelle Hall of Science are used for biology teaching and research. In ad­dition, several small lab facilities, an animal care facility and a two-story greenhouse are available to be used for faculty and student research. All labs are equipped with online computers as well as equipment and models specific to the courses and projects that take place in that room. A state-of-the-art molecular biology laboratory allows students to grow living cells under controlled conditions, while the biochemistry lab has equipment to perform DNA fin­gerprint analysis. Two cadavers are stored and used in the anatomy lab, and the botany lab opens directly into the second story of the greenhouse.