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Biology, Environmental Science & Geology
  • The Department of Biological and Environmental Science at Capital University has a strong tradition of offering a broad array of programs within the department. Our students study topics ranging from molecular and biochemistry to geology and environmental science. Our faculty is strongly committed to student learning and scholarship in many fields of science with strengths in interdisciplinary programs such as environmental science, biochemistry, and computational science. These programs provide excellent training to pursue careers in medicine, science, science education, public policy, law, and many other fields.


    Biology Major
    Pre-Professional Health Programs
    Environmental Science Major
    Teacher Education - Science Education Program


    Biology Minor
    Environmental Science Minor
    Geological Sciences Minor

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    The faculty members are at the center of our curriculum and provide mentoring faculty/student relationships to all students. These relationships are the key to student achievement within the programs offered by the department; our success comes from low student/faculty ratio and the culture of learning developed between faculty and students. National studies have shown that a large percentage of the most productive and creative scientists in the U.S. have undergraduate degrees from small, liberal arts colleges. A liberal arts education, as offered at Capital, emphasizes communication and cross-disciplinary dialogue as well as hands-on experience with modern scientific equipment and techniques.

    Capital is also uniquely located to take advantage of the many local scientific resources offer by the metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio. These include large medical institutions (Children's Hospital, OSU Medical Center, Grant and Mt. Carmel Hospitals), federal and state agencies (U.S. Geological Survey, Ohio Department of Natural Resources), Fortune 500 corporations, parks and zoos (Columbus Zoo), and renowned museums (COSI).