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Boyd Fund

  • Dr. Richard A. Boyd (’51, H’84), former University Trustee, and Marye McPherson Boyd (’54) established the Boyd Fund for Undergraduate Scholarship to promote broadly defined scholarship among Capital University students. The opportunity to participate in undergraduate scholarship in collaboration with a faculty mentor is a distinctive feature of a Capital University education.

    These funds, administered by the Office of the Provost, support Capital students’ scholarship projects that lead to dissemination, such as presentations at the Symposium on Undergraduate Scholarship and publication in Epistimi, Capital’s undergraduate research journal, or ReCap, Capital’s literary and arts journal. 

    How to Apply

    Submission Deadlines: Funding requests may be submitted at any time during the academic year. Proposals should be submitted electronically to Dr. Stephanie Gray Wilson, Director of Honors and Undergraduate Scholarship, or in Renner 137. Although requests may be submitted at any time, funds are limited so students are encouraged to apply for funds as early in the semester as possible. Students will receive notification of whether or not their proposal was funded within 2 -4 weeks of submission of a complete proposal.

    Submission Criteria: The Boyd Fund Application template, accessible by faculty, is located on CapPoint under Academic Departments>Academic Resources (Calendar)>Grants and contains the following required components:

    1. Proposal Title
    2. Student Name and Contact Information
    3. Faculty Mentor Name and Contact Information
    4. Description of the Scholarship Project – Give a clear statement of the problem or purpose of the project, and a description of the research method or process of inquiry. Limit of 1000 words.
    5. Product of the Scholarly Activity – What outcomes or products are anticipated to result from this project?
    6. Plans for Dissemination – How, where, and when will the results be disseminated?
    7. Budget and Budget Justification – Awards are limited to $1,000
    8. Letter of support from Mentor – The faculty mentor should briefly discuss the student’s proposal and capability to complete the project.

    Student Expectations: All projects that require the use of human or non-human animal subjects must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), respectively. Applications may be submitted prior to approval by these committees, but, if awarded, funds will not be expended until a copy of the approval letter is submitted to the Office of Honors and Undergraduate Scholarship. A copy of the final product (e.g. paper or poster) of the scholarship project must be submitted to the Office of Honors and Undergraduate Scholarship.

    Fundable Expenses: Funding is competitive; a limited number of grants will be available each year. Funds may be used for supplies, books, software, and equipment necessary to complete undergraduate scholarship projects with the understanding that these items become property of the University. Travel to major libraries, art galleries, museums, and science laboratories at other institutions central to enhancing the scholarship project are considered fundable expenses.

    Expenses Not Fundable: Non-allowable expenses include travel to conferences and symposia for project presentation (please see Scholarship Travel Guidelines for these funds), educational programs, tuition, room and board, and textbooks.

    Funding Amounts: The proposed budget may not exceed $1,000 per project and must be expended in the awarded semester. 

    Student Eligibility: Students must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at Capital University, remain enrolled during the period of funding, and have a minimum earned grade point average of 2.75.

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