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Online Orientation

    Virtual Orientation

    1. Important information about WebAdvisor
    2. How to register for classes online
    3. How to order books online
    4. How to connect your Capital e-mail to another e-mail account
    5. How to get your student ID, e-mail account and parking pass
    6. Campus map

    Important information about WebAdvisor

    Students can use WebAdvisor for many functions besides registering for classes. Students can access financial information; communicate with advisers; register for classes; view grades and transcripts; and finally, apply for graduation on this page.

    One tool that students may find helpful is the program evaluation. This program is listed under Academic Profile. The program evaluation is updated every semester. It includes the total number of credit hours you have at Capital and the number you need to complete to graduate. It lists your GPA, grades and courses completed. It also identifies courses needed to complete your program of study. Students sometimes submit this document to employers to verify grades. Take a few minutes to become familiar with the WebAdvisor.

    1. Web Advisor can be accessed through .
    2. At this portal, enter your user name and password. This is the same as your Capital e-mail account access information.
    3. From this page, click on the WebAdvisor tab at the top.
    4. Next, select WebAdvisor for Students. Following is a list of the information you can find:
      Financial information
      Epy-TouchNet Page
      My documents
      E-Mail My Advisor
      Search for Sections
      Search/Register for Sections (See document under Virtual Orientation for Registration)
      Express Registration
      Register and Drop Sections
      Manage My Waitlist
      Academic Profile
      Final Grades
      Unofficial Transcript
      Program Evaluation
      Test Summary
      Apply for Graduation
      Transcript Request Status
      Enrollment verification request status
      My Class Schedule
      My profile

    How to register for classes online

    All registration for classes must be completed online through WebAdvisor. Here is the step-by-step process to help you accomplish your online registration.

    1. Be sure you have your Capital e-mail account name and password.
    2. Contact your adviser by appointment, phone or e-mail to discuss all courses you will be registering for in the upcoming term. Be sure that all prerequisites for your selected courses have been met or are currently in progress. Make sure you are not on financial hold and there are no outstanding notices posted to your account. If you do not contact your adviser you will not be able to register for classes.
    3. WebAdvisor can be accessed through .
    4. At this portal, enter your user name and password. This is the same as your Capital e-mail account access information.
    5. From this page, click on the WebAdvisor tab at the top.
    6. Next, select WebAdvisor for Students. This link will take you to the page you need to access your online registration.
    7. Click on Register for Classes. Under term, enter “07/A3.” Select course(s) to register for and hit the Submit button. (Note that you must have at least two fields of information entered in order to proceed.) Click the Submit button only once! Please be patient while your information is processing.
    8. From this screen, under Preferred Sections click on the pull down menu, for Action, select RG for registration and hit the Submit button. (Note that your current course schedule will be listed below this section.)


    If you need to reset or find out what your user name and password is for your Capital e-mail account, please contact the Information Technology (I.T.) Help Desk at 614-236-6508 or via e-mail at

    If you are having technical difficulties with WebAdvisor, please contact the I.T. Desk so they can walk you through steps to correct the problem.

    How to order books online

    The Capital University Bookstore, located in the Harry C. Moores Campus Center, is the primary source of textbooks and supplies for students enrolled in undergraduate programs. For the convenience of students and faculty, the Bookstore is open extended hours at the beginning of each semester. These hours can change from semester to semester. To find out the current hours of the Bookstore visit Textbooks, Capital clothing and gift items are available online at this site. All Bookstore questions may be directed to 614-236-6116.

    Textbooks can be ordered online and shipped to your home address or you may check the option to pick them up, avoiding shipping costs. If you choose pickup, you will not have to wait in line to purchase your books.

    How to order textbooks online: 

    1. Go to 
    2. Click on Textbooks in the upper toolbar
    3. Click on Select a Campus/Term Combination and pick the appropriate Campus/Term
    4. Select a Department. For example all nursing classes are under NUR– nursing. Once you have selected a department courses will appear in the Select a Course column.
    5. Click on the course you will be taking. The sections for that course will appear in the Select a Section Box. Click on the appropriate section and the books for that course will come up.
    6. Follow the directions on the Add to My Basket. It will ask you if you want a new or used book.
    7. Once you have added your books to the basket, proceed to Checkout. At checkout you will have to log on to the system. It is important that you create your account with an active email address. The Bookstore will send you a confirmation with your order number in an email to that address.
    8. After you log in, you will be taken to pages where you can enter in different shipping or payment information. You will receive your order number once you have completed the order.

    How to connect your Capital e-mail to another e-mail address

    How often do you check your Capital e-mail? Do you realize that the university and the School of Nursing use that route to communicate with you? Repeatedly, faculty members hear students say that they don’t check their e-mail often. As a result, they miss esssential information. Please recognize that it is your responsibility to check your e-mail and that you are held responsible for information sent to you via that route.

    Our society seems to be in a transition in the way we communicate. Increasingly, e-mail is becoming the norm for much communication. On an economic level, it also makes sense for the university to communicate with students and faculty via e-mail.

    Would life be simpler with one less e-mail account? Would you like to have your Capital e-mail forwarded to your home account? Well, you can accomplish this. It is possible to have your Capital e-mail forwarded to your home account. You can do this by following these steps:

    • Sign onto your Capital e-mail account.
    • Locate the RULES box in bottom left corner and click it open.
    • A big box will appear – just fill in the blanks. REMEMBER, you want ALL mail forwarded, not just that sent ONLY to you (i.e.: if the professor e-mails the whole class and you have not selected ALL you will not get the message)
    • SAVE the change.

    How to get your student ID, e-mail account and parking pass

    ID, E-mail Account
    Once you have been accepted into the BSN-Completion Program, you will receive a letter assigning you to an academic adviser. The letter will contain a “pink slip.” You will need to bring the pink slip to Information Technology (I.T.), located in the lower level of Blackwell Library, to get your Capital picture ID and e-mail account. In order to get your ID and e-mail account, you will need to present a picture ID. If you have questions about this process you may call the I.T. Help Desk at 614-236-6508 or by e-mailing

    Parking Pass
    In the mail you will receive a pamphlet on Motor Vehicle Regulations at Capital University. This pamphlet discusses the rules and regulations of parking at Capital. It includes the types of permits and their cost. Every motor vehicle operated or parked on the property of Capital University by a student must be registered with the Public Safety Office and display a valid permit. Permits can be purchased at the Public Safety Office on College Avenue.