Call Boxes
  • Capital University Call Boxes


    All call boxes are marked with the blue and white public safety sign as shown below.

     Public Safety Callbox Sign

    To make a call follow the following two steps        


                                                                                       2. Push 6666         

    1. Push the call button  callbox 

    If the office is closed your call will be automatically forwarded to an officer's radio.

    The Department of Public Safety Wants You to Know the Location of the "On Campus" Emergency Call Boxes

    Learning Center North drs  (breezeway entrance)
    Battelle Hall South drs (facing the quad)
    Blackmore Library Main Entrance
    Cotterman Hall Main Entrance
    Schaaf Hall  Northeast Entrance
    Schaaf Hall Northwest Entrance
    Bexley-Mees South Entrance
    Campus Center Northeast Entrance (facing Cotterman)
    Huber-Spielman Hall North Entrance (Mound Street)
    Schoedinger-Setterlin Hall Main Entrance (Mound Street)
    College Avenue Res. Hall East Entrance(College Avenue)
    Colllege Avenue Res. Hall West Entrance (Sheridan Avenue)
    Public Safety Front Door (661 College Avenue)