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CapAlert Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Rave Mobile Safety?

    Capital University has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide emergency notifications for the University. During a crisis or urgent situation that poses a serious threat to the campus community, Rave Mobile will push out thousands of alert messages within minutes to ensure that people are informed and prepared to respond appropriately.

    What is the CapAlert Emergency Notification System?

    CapAlert is Capital University’s emergency notification system. The system incorporates various communication tools including email; text messaging; CapNet, Capital's closed-circuit television system, which is broadcast on channels 2 and 3; campus desktop alerting via pop-up message; and Big Voice, a commercial public address system that broadcasts prerecorded or live messages so they can be clearly heard throughout the campus grounds. These tools work together collaboratively in alerting the campus during a crisis or urgent situation.

    What type of alerts will be sent out?

    • Warnings about life threatening emergencies on or near campus
    • System tests, which will be conducted two or three times per year
    • Notification about class cancellations or campus closings due to widespread power outages


    Who can sign up for CapAlert?

    All Capital University faculty, staff, students (including those in the University of Dayton at Capital University program), and contractor employees (such as those employed by Parkhurst and Aetna) who are currently employed and working at Capital are eligible to sign up for CapAlert.

    How can I receive emergency communication to my cell phone or alternative email account?

    You must opt-in and register your Short Message Service (SMS) devices (devices that can receive text messages) or alternative email accounts in CapAlert.

    How do I opt in?

    University faculty, staff and students (except UD faculty and students), must register for CapAlert through WebAdvisor. Go to https://webadvisor.capital.edu and sign in with your University ID username and password. Click on the CapAlert Opt-In link. For employees, this link will be under Employee Profile. For students, this link will be under Academic Profile. Follow the prompts to complete registration.

    Employees with University contractors, such as Ohio Support Services, Parkhurst, Aetna, Conference Services, and UD faculty and students will need a Capital University ID username and password. (If you do not have these, contact the Office of Information Technology at 236-6508 or servicedesk@capital.edu.) Go to http://capalert.capital.edu and log in with the University ID username and password assigned to you. Follow the prompts to complete registration.

    How many SMS devices and alternative email accounts can I register?

    You will be able to register two SMS devices and two alternative email accounts. Your university or law school email account information is already in CapAlert; therefore, you do not need to add this information.

    Are there any fees to opt in to CapAlert?

    Opting in to CapAlert and registering your emergency contact information is free; however, normal text messaging fees may apply depending on your cell phone service agreement.

    Do you share the information in CapAlert with third parties?

    All confidential information in CapAlert is safe and secured. The University is prohibited by law from sharing your confidential information with any third parties or vendors.

    How often is CapAlert updated?

    CapAlert will be updated once every day; therefore, any changes made to your profile may not be reflected for at least 24 hours.

    Why am I receiving CapAlert status notifications and what do they mean?

    You will occasionally receive CapAlert status notifications to your University or law school email account. The CapAlert notification will inform you of the following:

    • What emergency contact information is currently in your CapAlert profile
    • Your current status within the CapAlert system (Active or Inactive). Active means you are either teaching; taking courses as a student; and have registered for the CapAlert system. Inactive means you are not teaching; taking courses as a student; or have not registered for the CapAlert system.


    Can I opt out of CapAlert?

    If you do not want to receive emergency alerts to your mobile device(s) or alternative email account(s), you can opt out of CapAlert. Choosing this option will permanently remove all emergency contact information from the system. If you decide to opt back in to CapAlert in the future, you will have to re-enter all of your emergency contact information into your profile again.

    If you registered through WebAdvisor, just sign back in as if you are going to register for CapAlert. At the bottom of the screen, you should select the opt-out box. If you select this option, you will not receive any emergency alerts except through your University email account.

    If you register through capalert.capital.edu, sign back into your account and remove all of your emergency contact information from all fields. Click save to complete the change. Once you perform this task, you will not receive any emergency alerts from the University.

    If I have problems registering my devices in CapAlert or have questions, who can I call for help?

    Send an email message to: capitalalert@capital.edu. You will be contacted back promptly.

    Please include applicable information about the issue that you are experiencing and contact information such as your name, telephone number and your affiliation with the University (eg., faculty, UD student, staff).