Capital Improvements: Campus Construction Update — Week of May 21, 2012

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

News-generic-campus-construction-243x152Campus improvements continue on the Bexley campus with more parking improvements and additional work to replace the roof on Huber-Spielman Hall. Work will commence Monday morning, May 21, on the reconstruction of College Avenue between Main Street and Livingston Avenue. Here is a summary of what commuters to campus need to know. 


Parking improvements and a new roof for HS

Various parking improvements will continue, though no schedule of work is available at this time. Keep watching Capital's News and Events page, as well as and (@capital_u), for specific information. Work also will continue on the roof replacement for Huber-Spielman Hall. With sustainable design principles in mind, a highly reflective white PVC material was selected for the new roof. Parts of the parking lot south of Yochum and Huber-Speilman halls will be blocked during construction so trucks can access the work area.


Schaaf Hall hot water tank replacement

Beginning this week, a massive, 30,000-gallon hot water tank that serves the south, east and west sides of Schaaf Hall will be replaced. This will improve water temperature responses in showers and sinks, and conserve energy.

College Avenue construction between Livingston Avenue and Main Street

The City of Bexley will reconstruct College Avenue between Main Street and Livingston Avenue. Beginning Monday, May 21, traffic will be blocked at various points on College Avenue. Signs and barricades will be posted at Charles and Astor avenues and at Main Street. Traffic will be detoured to Sheridan Avenue, though local traffic and College Avenue residents will be accommodated when possible. Here are some additional details we gathered during a meeting this week:

  • "Road Closed" signs will go up Monday at 8 am, but Renner and Yochum Hall parking lots will be accessible if you take Pleasant Ridge Avenue to Astor Avenue, then head north on College Avenue, according to the project manager.
  • There will be no parking on Sheridan Avenue between Main and Charles streets to accommodate increased traffic from the detour.
  • During the first week of construction, do not take Sheridan Avenue to Mound Street to reach College Avenue because Mound Street will be blocked by ongoing work and equipment. Take Pleasant Ridge.
  • Construction crews will try to keep at least one parking lot entrance open as work progresses past each lot along College Avenue. There will be one day when the lot south of Schaaf Hall will be closed, but the exact date hasn't been confirmed yet.
  • Buses should use the east side of Harry C. Moores Campus Center as a drop-off zone until construction has passed the Yochum Hall lot.
  • Water will be shut off periodically throughout the project so crews can test water lines and main tie-ins. The first water shut down has been tentatively scheduled for May 31 at 7 am and will last about four hours. Only certain buildings on campus will be affected. A list will be provided when the schedule is finalized. 

The first phase of construction is expected to last three months. For more information, please contact the City of Bexley at 559-4200.


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