College Avenue Construction Update

Posted by Nichole Johnson |

Friday, June 08, 2012

Construction to improve College Avenue will block the south entrance to the parking lot north of Capital University's Schaaf Hall and south of Huber-Speilman and Yochum halls beginning today, Friday, June 8.

Those who want to park in the Huber-Spielman lot should take Main Street to College Avenue, and enter through the north entrance. Drivers should be cautious since the north entrance will allow traffic to flow two ways until work progresses past the south entrance.

Construction crews are working to open the Mound Street and College Avenue intersection this morning, but there is no guarantee the intersection will be open in time to accommodate morning traffic.

Next week, parts of College Avenue will be closed intermittently, so drivers should plan for extra time for stopped traffic or detours. Other campus parking lots may be a better parking option than the Huber-Speilman lot.

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