Safety Bulletin Update: June 19, 2014

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Capital University's Safety Bulletin has been updated with information regarding a suspicious persons incident reported Thursday, June 19, on the Bexley campus.

Bexley and Capital police arrested three individuals on felony drug charges at about 3:45 pm Thursday, June 19, in the parking lot behind Yochum Hall, located on Capital University’s Bexley campus. Capital police received a report of suspicious persons in the university bookstore. When police responded, the suspects reportedly fled in a vehicle. Capital called Bexley police for backup, and the suspects were detained in the parking lot behind Yochum Hall. The vehicle was searched, and narcotics were found, according to police. The suspects were arrested.

They were identified as Patrick Fox, 34, of Barker Hill Road, Columbus; Michael E. Fox, 28, of South Columbus St. in Lancaster; and Drake Mathew Thomas, 27, of Chapel Stone Road, Blacklick. None is affiliated with Capital University.

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