What to Expect at CareerFest

  • What should I expect when I get there? 

    Student registration tables will be located just inside the entrance to CareerFest. Find the Capital table, sign in, and pick up your name tag and a list of attending recruiters and maps of the employer room. You will be receiving an email with a link to the entire list of companies with detailed descriptions of their positions. If you want, you can print it out and bring it with you, but you will also get a copy there.

    As with most career fairs, CareerFest is held in one large room. Rows of tables are staffed by recruiters from the participating employers and decorated with table-top displays. Some of them will have free items, like pencils or key chains or candy, which are fine for you to take - in moderation. Stuffing your pockets with Hershey Kisses is not recommended. If you see larger items, like coffee mugs or tote bags displayed, please wait to be offered one of these by the recruiters.

    What should I NOT expect?

    The representatives from companies and organizations are usually there to “sell” their companies, answer your questions and do just a little basic interviewing. Please do not expect them to be able to offer you a job on the spot or even sign you up for a company interview. Many companies will tell you to apply for positions through their websites and may not even take your resume. It’s okay!

    This is just the first step, and if you make a good impression, this may lead to the next step in the hiring process.