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Fat Tuesday Debutantes Improv Comedy Troupe
  • In 1995 some theatre students started thinking about improv and convinced Capital professors, Sharon Croft and Dan Heaton, to work with them. Thus Capital's own improv group, The Fat Tuesday Debutantes Improvisational Comedy Troupe, was formed. During many weekly meetings, they learned the basics by playing improv games. The group sponsored an improvisation contest called "Fat Tuesday's First Bi-Annual Improv Contest and Debutante Cotillion." The contest included improv groups from other colleges and even a high school. "It was great fun," says Dan Heaton, who is still the group’s ring leader. The name Fat Tuesday Debutantes stuck and the theatre department had a new program. The Debutantes welcome all majors and minors. No experience is needed and you don't have to appear in a live show. You can just come and practice. The Fat Tuesday Debutantes meet for an hour each Monday at 5 p.m. in 127 Huber-Spielman Hall. The Debutantes hold two charity shows a year to benefit the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and the Columbus AIDS Task Force and a performance every month in the Bridge of Learning.

    Students who register for TH 100/300 Improv can earn academic credit for working with The Fat Tuesday Debutantes.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Fat Tuesday Debutantes Improvisational Comedy Troupe, please contact Dr. Dan Heaton at 236-6307 or

    Students with a strong and sustained interest in theatre might want to find out more about our Theatre Studies Major, our Theatre Minor, and our Theatre Honorary Society, Alpha Psi Omega.