Your Food, Your Voice

  • Students Eating

    Meals at Capital reflect the tastes of Capital students. That's because we ask for (and get) plenty of student input. Here's how:

    Customer Comment Cards

    Have something to say about our service? Is there a favorite dish you'd like us to prepare? We'd love to know your thoughts about our food – both positive and negative. So if you feel inspired, fill out a Customer Comment Card the next time you're in one of our dining rooms. We'll respond to your concerns in writing and post the exchange on bulletin boards where everyone can see.

    Food Committee

    Are you bursting with ideas about the food at Capital? Have ideas on how we can operate in a more sustainable manner? Make your presence felt by joining Capital's Food Committee. You can voice your concerns, make suggestions and work collaboratively with our staff to help us respond more effectively to students' changing needs. All Capital students are welcome to participate.

    If you're interested in joining the Food Committee as a Capital student, please contact Shane Green at 614-236-6424 or email at

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