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  • What’s Cooking at Capital

    To be successful, you need to feed your mind and feed your body. At Capital, we take our dining hall cuisine pretty seriously.

    Every day, Parkhurst serves a huge variety of menu choices tailored to the tastes of Capital's campus community in our three dining rooms:

    • The Capital Court, our main dining room
    • One Main Cafe, our American grill and deli
    • The Mez, our Mediterranean style Bistro

    Our Approach to Food

    We believe good food starts with the finest ingredients. At Parkhurst, that means:

    • Fresh vegetables, both in hot foods and in our salad bar
    • At least five different kinds of fresh fruit every day
    • A commitment to using high-quality, locally grown produce
    • Meat that is USDA Choice or better
    • Fresh hamburger that's never frozen  

    When it comes to nutrition and taste, we don’t cut corners either. That’s why we serve:

    • Real mashed potatoes - never instant
    • Real cheese and whole roasted turkey - never processed
    • Real bacon bits - never imitation  

    And our commitment to quality extends to the way we prepare our food:

    • No microwave cooking
    • Small batches to ensure freshness
    • Soups and pizza dough that are made from scratch in our kitchen
    • Eggs that are cooked to order every morning
    • Fish that is hand-breaded
    • Cooking oil that is trans-fat-free 

    Our kitchen is in the skilled hands of our executive chef, Scott Rattan.

    Mixing It Up

    We’re always working to make your dining experience more interesting through our special programs and services

    Food for Special Needs

    Do you have specific dietary requirements? We can help you get what you need and avoid what you don’t. While you’re in the Capital Court, watch for signs and labels that indicate the presence of:

    • Low-calorie foods
    • Sugar-free foods
    • Organic ingredients
    • Dishes that contain peanuts or other potential allergens
    • Vegetarian selections
    • Gluten-free foods

    We also post signs throughout the dining room to show you where you can make substitutions if your diet demands it (e.g., choosing EggBeaters instead of eggs or soy milk instead of cow’s milk).

    At Parkhurst, our goal is to make every meal nutritious, satisfying and just plain delicious. We look forward to serving you during your years at Capital.