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Dining FAQ
  • Q: Can I really eat as much as I want?

    A: You can eat as many servings as you want of everything we serve in the Capital Court Dining Room. But we ask that you respect our three rules:

    1. Once you leave the dining area, do not re-enter it until the next meal period.
    2. Consume all your food and beverage item(s) inside the Capital Court.
    3. Take only one entree at a time and eat it before you return for seconds.

    The third rule was designed to help us minimize waste and keep meal prices as low as possible for you.

    Q: What if I forget my ID card?

    A: If you forget your card, you'll have to get a temporary card from the Office of Residence Life. 

    Q: I'm going to be eating a lot of meals in the Capital Court over the next four years. How are you going to keep me from getting bored?

    A: We're always planning mouth-watering ways to surprise you. Every month, we organize theme meals and special culinary events to add variety to our already varied and ever-changing menu.

    Q: May I bring a guest to the dining room?

    A: You are always welcome to bring a friend, sibling or parent to dine in the Capital Court. Meal prices are posted by the cash register near the entrance. Your guest(s) can pay in cash; or, if you want to treat, you can pay for the extra meal(s) using your Capital Bucks, or a guest meal swipe on your Meal Plan. 

    Q: How can I contact Dining Services at Capital?

    A: Contact us at (614) 236-7100 or just come up and talk to us in the dining room.

    Q: Which meal plan should I choose?

    A: All meal plans are good choices; however the Complete Plan, which includes 225 meals plus $50 Capital Bucks, is the best value. If you have additional questions or need help deciding on a meal plan, call us at 614-236-7100 or visit us at the Parkhurst Dining Office. We are happy to help. 

    Q: May I carry out food from the Capital Court?

    A: You may eat as much as you wish; however, if you choose to eat in the dining room, you are not allowed to carry out food. We do have a carry out option for those who do not have time to sit down and enjoy their meal. Please see our cashier for guidelines.

    Q: May I add more Capital Bucks to my plan during the semester?

    A: Yes. You may purchase additional Capital Bucks in our online marketplace, by calling us at 614-769-7100, or come into the Parkhurst Dining Office located on the 2nd floor of the Harry C. Moores Student Union. Please keep in mind, while Capital Bucks do roll over from Fall semester to Spring semester but the will expire at the end of Spring semester. 

    Q: How do I change my meal plan?

    A: You can request a change to your meal plan online, by visiting the Residence Life and Housing page.