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Admission and Disabilities
  • Qualified persons may not, on the basis of disability, be denied admission to, enrollment in, or participation in Capital University degree programs or activities, or be discriminated against in admissions or recruitment unless the program or activity is directly related to licensing requirements.

    1. The number or proportion of persons with disabilities who will be admitted or enrolled is not limited solely on the basis of disability.

    2. Inquiries as to whether applicants for admission are disabled are not made except for purposes of providing appropriate accommodation and for programs that are designed for meeting licensing requirements. It is the responsibility of the student to make special needs known at least six (6) weeks in advance of a course, workshop, program or activity for which accommodation is sought or as soon as realistically feasible. Confidential post-admission inquiries to the student regarding disabilities that may require accommodation are permissible.

    3. Students with documented disabilities, who do not meet the ACT and/or GPA requirements for admission, are invited to submit additional documentation to the Coordinator of Disability Services and allowed to go before an admission's committee to determine whether their true     academic abilities were under-represented by the ACT/GPA requirements.