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Words of Praise for Capital's Education Program
  • From Students

    "I felt very prepared entering my first year. I participated in the fourth year internship with Gahanna Schools which I believe prepared me more than any other program. Having that opportunity not only provided excellent experience, but helped me get hired."
    -A Second Grade Teacher,
    Class of 2004

    "I felt very prepared my first year of teaching, especially because I did the year-long internship my senior year."
    "The intern program and it was the best thing I did to prepare me to teach and it led to a teaching position."
    -A Kindergarten and Reading Recovery Teacher,
    Class of 2003

    "Capital University was a wonderful experience for me. The professors were always available to help if I had questions. Also, I felt that my classes were appropriate and did a wonderful job preparing for my first year teaching."
    -A Sixth Grade Teacher,
    Class of 2003

    From Administrators

    "This young lady writes the best IEP of any teacher I've worked with. Her technical skills are outstanding. She is a wonderful educator and a super human being. You can be proud that she represents your university."
    -The Administrator of a Capital University Graduate