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Phones and Voicemal for Employees
  • Telephone Service

    Capital University is equipped with a digital telephone infrastructure with local telephone service provided by AT&T. There is no charge for local telephone calls. Long-distance calls require a long distance code or a pre-paid long distance card.

    Voicemail  –  Long-distance codesTeleconferencing services

    Regular analog telephones (ex: home phones) and other devices (ex: fax, answering machines, etc.) will not work on this network and will be damaged if plugged into the network system. Request for analog lines for offices can be made through a service request in FootPrints or by calling the IT Service Desk at 614-236-6508.

    Who is Eligible for a Telephone Line?

    All faculty and staff are eligible for a telephone line and unit. 

    Making Calls

    Detailed directions for making successful calls on campus are listed below for your convenience.

    Making an on-campus call
    Dial the last four digits of the campus telephone number

    Making an off-campus call
    Dial 9 (wait for a tone) + dial area code (if applicable) + dial telephone number

    Making a domestic long-distance call
    Dial 9 (wait for a tone) + 1 + area code + telephone number + enter your long-distance code or PIN

    Making an international call
    Dial 9 (wait for a tone) + 011 + country code + city code + telephone number + long-distance code or PIN or wait for assistance

    Toll-free calls
    Dial 9 (wait for a tone) + telephone number

    Dial 9 (wait for a tone) + 911

    Campus Public Safety
    Dial 6504; 6666 or 236-NEED (6333)

    If you need additional information or have problems with your telephone connection, please contact the IT Service Desk at 614-236-6508 or put in a FootPrints ticket