English 2012
  • Dr. Manhattan Indicted: Adding Watchmen’s Actual Superhero to the Unheimlichkeit of Super-heroics
    Christopher Maggio
    Mentors: Susan Nash, Lisette Gibson Diaz

    Literary analyses of writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons’s Watchmen often question the behavior of two of the graphic novel’s characters, Rorschach and Ozymandias, while ignoring the behavior of Dr. Manhattan. My research seeks to explain this disparity and does so by appealing to the history of comic books and to Sigmund Freud’s unheimlich (German for “uncanny,” literally “un-home-like”). I argue that the former two characters’ “unheimlichkeits” distract us from Dr. Manhattan’s immoral actions, actions which Dr. Manhattan himself helps to obscure through his omniscient abilities. Finally, a deconstruction of Dr. Manhattan’s omniscience unveils his own, equally startling unheimlichkeit and how this unheimlichkeit symbolizes human passiveness, a symbol which helps us to better understand Moore’s critique of selfishness within the novel and his critique of super-heroics as a whole. Coming after Art Spiegelman’s visit to Capital and during my own enrollment in a graphic novel course, my work is yet another example of how this genre deserves critical attention.


    ReCap, Capital’s Literary Arts Magazine
    Becca Muntean, Christopher Maggio
    Mentor: Kevin Griffith

    ReCap is Capital University’s yearly literary arts magazine; it includes student prose, poetry, art, and photography. Many artists and writers get their start with their campus literary magazine, and ReCap is no exception. This year, for the first time, the editors used “Submittable,” an online submissions manager, to accept, organize, and select submitted work. This year’s issue features content diverse both in genre and in subject matter. Our written work takes place inside central Ohio and outside it, outside the United States, in fact. And our photography features pictures taken by students during their abroad experiences. We also have an exciting new layout, now also online, to match. ReCap showcases the best in student work, and we hope you’ll join us in its release.