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Department of English
  • English as a discipline explores the various ways that written language engages the world.

    The eight full-time faculty members in the English department bring to our teaching diversity in training, experience and interests. We have specialties in British literature of the past and present, 19th-century to contemporary American, Native American and ethnic literatures, creative writing, drama and Shakespeare, professional and technical writing, rhetoric, journalism, composition and women’s studies.

    The department offers three majors – creative writing, literature, and professional writing - as well as minors in journalism, literature and creative writing. Students may choose to have dual majors or minors in combination with other disciplines. Education courses also may be combined with an English major, preparing students for secondary school teaching in integrated language arts.

    Although different in focus, the majors have important common components through their grounding in language and literary studies. Many students have more than one major or a combination of a major and minor from the English department.


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