• The mission of Epistimi: Capital University’s Undergraduate Research Journal is to highlight the empirical research conducted by Capital University students. Under the direction of student editors and a faculty editorial board, Epistimi is an extension of Capital University’s undergraduate research initiative and it reflects Capital’s mission and goals.

    Student Editors:
    Jennifer Davis
    Julie Keller

    Faculty Editorial Board:
    Michaele Barsnack
    Janette McDonald
    Paula Federico
    Renda Ross
    Andrea M. Karkowski
    Saleem M. Saleem
    Terry Lahm
    Sabato Sagaria
    Suzanne Marilley
    Olga Shonia
    Martha Michael
    Stephanie Gray Wilson
    Sherry Mong

    From Volume VIII, 2014

    Show Us The Results!
    Jennifer Davis, Julie Keller

    Identifying Need in the Inner City: Residents’ Experiences and Perceptions on Living on the Near East Side of Columbus, Ohio
    Christophe Valcourt

    Job Satisfaction, Calling, Life Satisfaction, and Happiness among University Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
    Kayla Herbell, Catherine Bustos-Chaves

    Knowledge of LGBTQ Community and Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage
    Carolyn Newberry, Brittany Hodge

    Mindfulness and Mandalas: Alternative Therapeutic Techniques for AOD Adolescents
    Paige Beckwith

    Visual Data on the Topics of God, Church, Religion, and Spirituality
    Colleen Hooks

    Population Dynamics of Peromyscus leucopus at Clear Creek Metro Park
    Ashleigh Bope

    What is Privacy?
    Natalie McCullough, Brooke Sims, Thomas Ballas, Jennifer Davis

    An Examination of Undergraduate Research Gains
    Shannon Ball, Olivia Castro, Abbey Zacharias

    Assessment of Student Writing: Undergraduate Research Abstracts
    Julie Keller, Holly Phillips, Ethan Moseley

    Library Database Usability
    Catherine Hawkins, Zach Heyne, Austin Caudill
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  • Past Research Journals
    • Epistimi 2013
      Lessons Learned from Undergraduate Research
      Abigail Neininger

      A Comprehensive Look at Capital University’s Honors Program
      Abigail Neininger, Amanda Rowe, Emma Littmann, Abbey Zacharias

      Spin or Professionalism: How the Public Views Public Relations Due to Dissemination Method and Motive of the Organization
      Kelsey Hutchinson

      Notophthalmus viridescens Habitat Preference Based on Sampling Efforts
      Cole Musial

      Alcohol and other Risk Factors Precipitating Violence and Aggression among College Students
      Grace Tay, Abbey Zacharias

      Effects of Habitat Change on Small Mammals of the Primmer Outdoor Learning Center in Logan, Ohio
      Katalin Dotts

      Who are you as a Student? How Does that Affect your Academic Achievement and Career Aspirations?
      Kailee L. Aston, Rachel D. Baran, Kelli D. Brownfield, Stacy E. Smith

      A Unique Experience at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Facility
      Daniela Gaspari-Foley

      Correlation of Parenting Stress and Externalizing Aberrant Behavior in Children with Disabilities for Parents Attending Parenting Intervention Programming
      Kassandra E. Lowery

      Copper (I) Sulfide Nanodisk Growth in One-Pot Synthesis
      Bethany Davies

      Student Editor:
      Abigail Neininger

      Faculty Editorial Board:
      Kathryn Bell
      William Clark
      Kimberly Heym
      Andrea M. Karkowski
      Janette McDonald
      Sherry Mong
      Tracey Murray
      Renda Ross
      Sabato Sagaria
      Saleem Saleem
      Stephanie Gray Wilson
    • Epistimi 2011-12

      Initially, I Had No Interest in Research
      Kelsey Hutchinson

      Research Has Always Been a Part of Me
      Kassie Lowery

      Gap Analysis of the Academic Advising Snapshot
      Kelsey Hutchinson

      Dispositional Optimism, Perceived Academic Control, and Academic Performance
      Mia Huttleston, Jessica Weisflock

      Student Use of Social Networks
      Alexandra Ronan

      The Weather Factor and Suicide Rates
      Jarred R. Blumensheid

      Childhood Relationships and College Intimate Relationships
      Kassandra E. Lowery

      Climate Survey: Frequencies of Hearing and Using Homophobic Language
      Justin R. Poole

      Parking Attitudes and Behaviors on Capital University’s Campus
      Arlene Baker, Kelly Sullivan, Kristen Howell, Kristen Brandewie

      Needs Assessment of Young Single Mothers
      Justin Damron, Caitlin Harville, Taylor Niemira, Jazmin Soto, Leanne Howard, Caitlin Bierman

      Student Editors:
      Kelsey Hutchinson
      Kassie Lowery

      Faculty Editorial Board:
      Kimberly Heym
      Jane Hutcheson
      Andrea M. Karkowski
      Janette McDonald
      Monica Mueller
      Renda Ross
      Daniel Skinner
      M. Ali Ülkü
      Stephanie Gray Wilson