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ESL Tuition and Fees
  • Tuition for English as a Second Language (2014-2015)

    Fall 2014 and later (16-week semesters): 

    Tuition is $300 per credit hour. Tuition for each 5-credit course is $1,500.
    A full-time student takes 4 courses, for a total of $6,000 for the 16-week semester. 

    Students who need an I-20 must submit financial documentation for the length of their study. For example, students planning to study ESL one year would need to show $24,560, which includes the following:
    • Tuition - $12,000 (2 semesters) 
    • Estimated living expenses (Room & Board) - $9,060 
    • Estimated books, insurance, supplies - $3,500 

    There is no tuition deposit or pre-payment required for ESL students before classes begin. However, payment is due the first week of the semester. A late fee is assessed for students who pay late.

  • Insurance

    All international students and dependents that are on Capital University’s immigration document must carry insurance which meets the U.S. Affordable Health Care act and has medical evacuation coverage of US$50,000 and repatriation of remains at US$25,000.

    Capital University automatically enrolls international students in an insurance plan that meets the U.S. Affordable Health Care Act and is designed for international students. This plan is through the Lewer Agency, Inc. Any international student who wants to waive the Capital insurance and use his or her own insurance must bring proof of insurance with at least the minimum coverage listed above to the International Office. International students will pay for the Capital insurance until the request is approved.

    There are two insurance periods: January–July and August–December. Students pay in advance for the entire period.

    The following is the Insurance fees for the 2013-14 academic year and subject to change for 2014-2015 academic year:

    • Student - $99 per month
    • Spouse - $263 per month
    • Each Child - $99 per month

    Refund Requests

    Refunds for 16-week undergraduate courses follow the undergraduate refund policy.

    Sending Money

    Checks, money orders and wires are accepted. Money orders may be obtained from agents such as Western Union, or from many banks or post offices.
    The payee for checks and money orders should be "Capital University".
    If you need to wire money to Capital University, please contact international@capital.edu for wiring instructions.