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First-Year Prep
  • A student heading off to college changes the family dynamic for everyone. It’s an exciting time that comes with a fair share of challenges for parents, students and siblings.

    Embracing the change and heading into the adventure together can lead to a more rewarding college experience and a new perspective on the relationships in your family.

    Making the Transition

    The parent/student relationship often changes during college. It becomes an adult-to-adult relationship instead of an adult-child relationship. Parents need to trust their students. You prepared them to become adults, now the rest is up to them. 

    Parents should: 

    • Let go. Give your child space to grow, let them make mistakes and experience their own successes and failures.
    • Seek support from other parents who are going through the same transition.

    Parent Resources

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    Financial Aid
    Your Student's First Year
    Academics and Your Student
    Managing Money
    Career Choices
    Code of Conduct and Judicial Issues
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