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Flute Studio
  • Audition Information

    Students must apply to Capital University and be academically accepted before they are invited to set up an audition. The audition is in four parts: scales, solos, sight-reading, and a brief interview with the committee. Orchestral excerpts are optional.

    • Scales: All major scales and arpeggios two octaves, plus C three octaves and a three octave chromatic scale starting on C. Minor scales are optional. Articulation of your choice, though slurred is preferable.
    • Solos: Two contrasting solos from two different musical periods. For example: A Bach Sonata and Hindemith Sonata, Chaminade Concertino and Mozart Concerto, or Vivaldi Piccolo Concerto and Poulenc Sonata.

    Opportunities for High School Students to Visit the Conservatory

    • Set up a Shadow Day, in which you shadow a freshman flutist through classes for a day and play along in rehearsals with either Symphonic Winds or Wind Symphony, as well as the Flute Choir. We can also schedule your free flute lesson during your Shadow Day.
    • Audition in the spring to participate in the Capital University Honor and Reading Band Clinics, held every November.
    • Audition to participate in the Columbus Youth Symphonic Band, a select high school student band directed by the Capital University Director of Bands, Dr. Jeff Gershman.
    • Visit on the Conservatory Visit Day, held every year in the fall semester.

    General Information About Flute Study at the Conservatory

    • Flute majors have a 50-minute lesson once a week, and are required to participate in Flute Choir.
    • Lessons generally involve sight reading duets, various scale exercises, daily work from Taffanel and Gaubert's Daily Exercises, etudes, and solos. Performance majors and other interested flutists also study excerpts.
    • Students are encouraged to participate in chamber music ensembles in addition to Flute Choir, such as Woodwind Quintets, various smaller flute ensembles, and mixed-instrument ensembles.
    • The study and performance of piccolo, alto, and bass flute is encouraged in both Flute Choir and solo literature.
    • Flute performance majors should average a minimum of 3 hours daily practice; all other flute majors should average a minimum of 2 hours daily.
    • Students who begin as music education majors may audition to add the flute performance component to their degree during the first two years in the Conservatory.
      Performance majors give one solo performance from memory each semester; music education majors are required to give one full hour recital. Contact Dr. Jelle for recital requirements for other degree programs.
    • Capital's instrumental music education degree is designed to be completed in four years, including student teaching. It is possible to add the performance component and still graduate in four years, for the student entering with AP, IB or Post-Secondary credit and/or willing to take some summer courses.
    • Flute majors have many opportunities to perform and observe recitals and masterclasses on campus. Capital is just minutes to downtown Columbus, which makes it convenient for students to attend performances of the Columbus Symphony, ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, and many other fine performing arts groups based in downtown Columbus.

    View the Syllabi Below to Learn More

     A free flute lesson is available to all students preparing to audition on flute at Capital. Contact Dr. Jelle at ljelle@capital.edu or call the Flute Studio at (614) 236-7112 to set up a time or ask questions about auditions.