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Guardian Virtual Safety Escort Service
  • Transform your mobile phone into a personal safety device. 

    Guardian is a virtual safety escort service. 

    You must register for this service as this is separate service from CapAlert Messaging.

    Once registered, use your mobile phone to initiate a panic alert or set a precautionary timer for first responders. If you do not disarm your timer on your phone, Guardian will issue a panic alert to university police and any information you elected to share in the system will be provided to them to help quickly respond and help you.

    Before Registering for Guardian

    • Make your cell phone is not blocking text messages
    • Enroll in CapAlert Messaging through WebAdvisor
    • Check if your phone model is GPS capable, but you can still use Guardian even if it isn't
    • The Guardian system AND your cell phone service provider will require that you accept a “terms of use” during registration. Not accepting these terms will deny Guardian access to your GPS and cell phone information
    • Some iPhones will not allow Guardian to access GPS due to Apple locking down certain security settings on the phone