Honors, 2011
  • Honors, 2011



    The Side Effects of Study Abroad: A Belgian Perspective
    Heidi Bretz
    Faculty Mentor: Stephen Baker

    This project is a case study that includes a summary of my study abroad experience in Brussels, Belgium during Spring Semester 2010. This poster project focuses on my personal growth as a result of my study abroad experience. I investigate the cultural differences experienced while living abroad and detail the ways in which my experience at Vesalius College both paralleled and differed from my experience at Capital University. I explore how the internship with L’Anglophone, an English-language newspaper, helped me to learn about the culture while simultaneously keeping me informed about my country of residence. As a result of living abroad my confidence increased, I became more independent and self-reliant, I amended my career path, and I learned that it is advisable to visit countries in which one wishes to reside before committing to a long-term stay.



    Life in Limerick: An Adventure Abroad
    Danielle Hinckley
    Faculty Mentor: Stephen Baker

    During the spring of 2010, I lived in Limerick, Ireland, studying at the University of Limerick taking Irish Studies courses. The purpose of this poster is to promote studying abroad and the Irish culture using a case study framework. Studying abroad was a great addition to my education and offered a different look at my life and the world around me. I learned a lot about myself and others during my trip. I became more confident and independent, as well as learning more about different cultures. After returning, I have become very passionate about traveling and studying abroad. I think it is important to see what can be found outside the four walls of a classroom, as well as the country. There is more out there than what you see every day. I hope to share my experiences and show people what is waiting for them only a plane ride away.



    My Semester Abroad: Florence Italy
    Marissa Lee
    Faculty Mentor: Stephen Baker

    From January through May of 2010 I lived and attended classes in Florence, Italy. The trip took me as far south as Pompeii and as far north as Cinque Terre as well as to cafes, markets, cathedrals, museums and beautiful landscapes. From a case study perspective information is shared, such as how the process of living in a foreign culture took me far out of my comfort zone and forced me to operate in several different languages and under a different set of cultural expectations. Further, Florence is a city of rich history, culture, art and cuisine, and I experienced as much as I could fit into my time there. Being there changed me into a more confident person with a greater understanding of the world outside of the United States.



    Adventure Abroad: A Semester in London
    Zachary Westhoven
    Faculty Mentor: Stephen Baker

    In the spring of 2010, I studied for a semester at Regents College in London, England through a program called Academic Studies Abroad (ASA). Over the course of nearly four months, I developed independence, cultivated my creativity, and expanded my understanding of British culture. I selected my program partly because of the courses it offered. While abroad, I took classes in literature, Shakespeare, scriptwriting, mass media, musical theatre, and ethics. The opportunity to travel and adapt to the culture of one of the world’s most exciting cities was an equally important aspect of the learning experience. In addition to discovering the endless opportunities in London, I was also able to explore other cities in the United Kingdom as well as in Ireland and Italy. Using a case study framework, I hope to share what I have learned and encourage other students to study abroad through this poster presentation.