• Honors House
Benefits of the Honors Program
  • We offer a range of Honors courses taught by professors recognized for their teaching excellence.

    These classes foster interaction between students and the professor. Honors courses are usually special sections of general education courses so you can participate in the Honors Program while fulfilling general education requirements.

    As an Honors student, you are always welcome to use the Honors House.

    The Honors House is the place where Honors students come during the day for quiet studying in a relaxed atmosphere and during the evening for special events and gatherings. The Honors House is located right across the street from campus and it houses three Honors students per year.

    Honors housing is an option for Honors students.

    When you submit your housing application online, please look for the Honors housing option. When Honors students live together and share common space, their interaction enhances learning and social experience. Besides, you will meet people in different majors that may become your lifelong friends and who will provide the intellectual and emotional support every student needs.