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Honors Program
  • You were always the curious one. Afternoons flew by as you sat transfixed by the story in the pages of a classic. Or maybe you were the neighborhood kid who everyone came to for help with gadgets. Whatever it was, you loved learning. We get it. Come find your intellectual and social home in our Honors program.

    What it Takes

    We welcome students of all majors who meet the entry requirements for the program and whose aspirations are those of academic excellence and personal growth. Honors and other high-achieving students may also be eligible to join one of our honor societies that recognize achievement in a particular discipline.

    Why stop there? Our affiliation with the National Collegiate Honors Council will expose you to experiences and people who can change your world.

    What We Offer

    • Faculty-led seminars
    • Collaboration with talented people
    • Special Honors housing

    Still asking for more? Of course you are! Read more about the benefits of Honors or contact the Honors Program at


    Get started on your Online Honors Application. The deadline for applications for new students is May 1, 2014.