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Instrumental Emphasis

  •  Instrumental Emphasis

    Instrumental Emphasis

    The Master's of Music in Music Education with Instrumental emphasis provides a practical and applicable approach to education. The program, designed to be completed in three-summers, meets the needs of current teachers by providing courses developed around the knowledge and skills necessary for success in 21st century music education

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    Program Dates:

    Session I: June 25 - July 13, 2018
    Session II: July 16 - 27, 2018

    Curriculum Requirements

    32 total semester hour credits

    Music Education (12 credits)
    ED 601 Educational Psychology in the Music Classroom (3)
    ED 602 Research in Music Education (3)
    MM 603 Foundations of Music Education (2)
    MM 670 Final Project (4)

    Music Courses (12 credits chosen from below)
    MM 667 Instrumental Conducting Seminar (2)
    MM 668 Graduate Music Theory Seminar (2)
    MM 671 Graduate Music History Seminar (2)
    MM 680 Advanced Conducting & Rehearsal Techniques (2)
    MM 681 Individual Instrument Studio Instruction (1-2)*
    MM 683 Instrumental Arranging (2)
    MM 684 Composition (2)
    MM 570 World Music Seminar (2)
    MM 693 Special Topics in Music (2)

    Electives (8 credits chosen from below)
    MM 664 Curriculum Development for Music Educators (2)
    MM 665 Assessment in Music Education (2)
    MM 657 The Complete Band Director Workshop (2)
    MM 672 Music Technology Workshop (2)
    MM 673 Instrument Repair & Maintenance Workshop (2)
    MM 674 Music Supervision and Administration Seminar (2)
    MM 675 Instrumental Teaching Methods and Materials (2)
    MM 682 Marching Band Show Design (2)
    MM 686 Brass Instrument Pedagogy (2)
    MM 687 Woodwind Instrument Pedagogy (2)
    MM 688 Percussion Instrument Pedagogy (2)
    MM 689 String Instrument Pedagogy (2)    

     *Contact Ryan Shaw at to schedule private lessons. This course includes an additional applied lesson fee.

    Additional courses may be added, subject to approval by the department and dean.


    To meet the challenge of establishing a well-balanced instrumental music program, we need to expose our students to a variety of instructional and performance opportunities. The Complete Band Director’s Workshop has been designed to enhance the positive experiences of dealing with the concert band, marching band and jazz band. 

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