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International Studies Major
  • International Studies offers a multidisciplinary way of understanding issues and regions in our increasingly globalized world. It is built upon the University mission of preparing individuals to be knowledgeable, independent, critical thinkers—educated for lives of leadership and service in an increasingly diverse society. It also builds upon the general education goal of global awareness, enabling students to demonstrate the interdependence of geographic, economic, political, social and cultural realities in the contemporary world.

    Through this major, graduates will:

    • become aware of international cultural differences so the graduate may function more effectively in an increasingly globalized world;
    • acquire a basic knowledge of a second modern language so the student can work or travel independently in a country where that language is spoken;
    • demonstrate the ability to examine a global issue in depth and under- stand how such issues may be viewed differently from a number of cultural or national perspectives;
    • become prepared for careers in a variety of settings: international non- governmental organizations (e.g., Habitat for Humanity International, Oxfam), international businesses, governmental agencies, and local human service settings;
    • become better informed and more active citizens of the world; and
    • contribute to the globalization of Capital University’s culture.

    Course requirements for all majors and minors can be found in our online course bulletin.

    About International Studies

    Capital's multidisciplinary major in international studies is designed to give students a broad view of international politics and economics, an understanding of world history and cultures and proficiency in a modern language.

    The faculty in this area includes a large number of people with extensive overseas travel and living experience. Faculty members who are experts on individual countries or issues of international importance are available to students through the various departments of the university.

    This multidisciplinary major is for students interested in a career in government, international organizations, non-government agencies (such as Red Cross) or further study in graduate or law school. Students interested in pursuing positions in local, national and international business combine their major in international studies with a minor in a business field, such as finance, marketing or management.


    A recommended part of the program is study abroad. Capital offers a number of opportunities for students to spend a summer, semester or academic year in a foreign country while earning class credit. Most programs cost about the same as tuition for that period at Capital, and many forms of financial aid can be applied to study abroad.

    Capital students have traveled and studied in various countries including: Jamaica, England, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Scotland, Ecuador, Austria, Hungary, South Africa, Cuba, Norway, Costa Rica, Australia, the Czech Republic and Belize.
    Another asset of Capital's program is the opportunity for interaction with international students on campus. Students from many foreign countries currently are enrolled at Capital. Students can learn about language, religious, social and cultural similarities and differences through informal experiences.


    In addition, Capital's affiliation with the Washington Center provides the opportunity for students to spend a semester or summer working for one of the various governmental or private agencies in the nation's capital.

    • Amnesty International
    • Columbus Council on World Affairs
    • Columbus International Visitors Center
    • U.S. Department of State
    • U.S. House of Representatives
    • U.S. Senate