Annual Leadership Awards: Individual Awards
  • Organizational Leader of the Year

    Does not need to hold an office. Must be a member of a recognized student organization.
    Recognizes a student who has
    • Made substantial contributions to a student organization
    • Taken initiative within the organization
    • Made the organization better through his/her work
    • A competitive GPA

    Emerging Leader of the Year

    Recognizes a student who has
    • Begun to show leadership values – such as relationship building, ethical, inclusive, etc.
    • Begun to show leadership skills – such as initiative, energy, solution oriented, etc.
    • Significant involvement in one or more student organizations
    • A competitive GPA

    Servant Leader of the Year

    Recognizes a student who has 
    • Shown personal commitment to social justice and community involvement. 
    • Led others in service and active citizenship.
    • A competitive GPA.

    Organization President of the Year

    Recognizes a student in a recognized student organization who has
    • The leadership qualities that are desired of a president of an organization
    • Provided vision to the members on how to continually work toward their mission or purpose
    • Represented his or her organization well internally and externally

    Advisor of the Year

    Recognizes an advisor in a recognized student organization who has:
    • Done an exemplary job in working with his or her organization this year
    • Taken a sincere interest in the mission and purpose of the organization
    • Been present and available for organization members and officers
    • Shows a strong commitment to not only the students organization, but to the development of student leaders