Annual Leadership Awards: Organizational Awards
  • Values

    Dynamic Recruitment Award

    Honors exemplary work attracting and retaining new members during this academic year. Excellent candidates for this award will show that their organization went above and beyond to attract non-members year-round through focusing on the organization’s purpose, with special recruiting efforts made toward engaging first-year students.

    Crusader Award

    Recognizes the organization that has demonstrated superb Capital spirit. Excellent candidates will have made a positive impact on campus-wide programming events and a variety of campus constituents through their work, including other organizations, alumni and athletic teams.


    Most Creative Service Project of the Year

    Recognizes a service project coordinated by Capital organization(s) that has taken a creative, innovative, clever, or unique approach to serving the community in order to impact a social problem.

    Most Educational Service Project of the Year

    Recognizes a service project coordinated by Capital organization(s) that taught participants about a social problem or injustice in order for them to grow as active citizens and servant leaders.

    Service Award

    For consistent participation in service projects throughout the academic year. These projects may have been ongoing with one or two agencies, or varied among several agencies and audiences. Service, for this award, is defined as giving time and talent (not money) to the Capital University and/or surrounding communities.

    Educational Programming

    Educational Program of the Year (Single Organization)

    Awarded for the best campus program. The success of the program will be evaluated on the resources used, publicity, purpose of the event, and effectiveness of the program.

    Educational Program of the Year (Collaborative):
    Given to two or more organizations that effectively combined resources to put on a successful campus-wide program that complemented both organizations’ missions and positively contributed to campus.


    Organization of the Year

    Honors a recognized student organization with the most comprehensive success. This organization has excellent internal operations and external initiatives; it has a clear mission, one that can be clearly seen in their behavior, programming and even in spending. Students involved benefit from membership in a variety of ways and non-members respect the organization.