Learning Series

  • The CELT Learning Series is designed to offer a variety of workshops using the Learn, Share and Explore tracks. Besides these scheduled workshops the members of CELT are available by appointment to help you with your individual needs.

    The CELT Learning Series is composed of workshops that are defined by three tracks: Learn, Share and Explore.


    Workshops on the Learn track are hands on workshops designed for participants to learn about subjects that currently have support structures in place by the university. These offerings will include informative workshops in the areas of technology, grants, instructional design, and student learning.


    Offerings in the share track will be presented by faculty or staff members wishing to share a teaching, advising, or organizational practice that they have found to be effective in their own work. If you are interested in delivering a workshop in the Share track then let us know about it.


    The Explore track will be composed of workshops and discussion groups around subjects for which the university does not have complete support structures in place. The explore track is intended to be a forward looking track that allows an avenue for creative dialog about current trends in the world at large that will affect higher education teaching and learning.

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    Workshop Schedule

    To sign-up for one of these workshops please email celt@capital.edu. Registrants will receive an email notification of their registration with room location. Communication prior to specific workshops, including preliminary information, room updates, and cancellations, will be via email to those that register. To view a listing of previous workshops visit our prior semester learning series page - some of these have recordings.

    Workshop Schedule
    Date, Time Title, Instructor Track Description
    Online and On-Demand
    Sign-up and complete at your own pace
    Intro to iLearn
    Autumm Caines - CELT Office
    Learn This online introductory workshop covers the basics of Capital's Learning Management System, iLearn. This workshop will cover basic navigation, posting content for your students, receiving content from your students, and basic grades.

    No need to register! You can enroll yourself by logging in after clicking http://bit.ly/introtoiLearn and self-enrolling in the course.
    Thursday, January 15th
    ECAR Faculty Report
    Autumm Caines - CELT Office
    Explore After 10 years of collecting student data, the EDUCAUSE Center for Analytics and Research (ECAR) started collecting data on impressions, expectations, and usage of technology by faculty members at colleges and universities around the world. 

    Plans are in the works to administer the survey here at Capital next month. Learn more about the ECAR Technology Research in the Academic Community program and spend some time discussing the report with colleagues in our first CELT Learning Series workshop for the Spring 2015 term.  Registrants will be emailed a copy of the report. To register email celt@capital.edu
    Friday, January 23rd
    10am - 4pm
    CELT Open House
    All CELT Staff
    Learn, Share, Explore During the CELT Open House the CELT office will be open all day for faculty to drop in and ask questions, get tours of facilities or technologies, or get demos of existing practices.  It is also a great opportunity to bump into other faculty from around the university for cross-discipline conversation.  Refreshments will be served!!  No need to register just drop by.
    Wednesday, February 4th
    New Phones and Lync System
    Annette Short - Information Technology
    Learn Our new phone system is here! And it is integrated with Microsoft Lync a video calling, screen sharing, chat tool that will greatly enhance our communications on campus. Register by emailing celt@capital.edu
    Thursday, February 5th
    10 - 11am
    Adobe Connect
    Autumm Caines - CELT Office
    Jim Kerr - CELT Office 
    Learn CELT has a new technology offering!!  We are currently running a pilot of Adobe Connect; a synchronous online meeting tool.  Communicate in real time at a distance sharing video and voice.  Also, share documents, presentations, or collaborate on screen together.  Find out all about this new offering at this workshop and sign up to become a pilot user.  Register by emailing celt@capital.edu 
    Tuesday, February 10th
    eLearning Showcase
    Various innovative faculty  
    Share Various faculty report on how they are using technology to enhance their courses.  Hear from faculty that have used flipped classroom, online teaching, hybrid teaching, and other innovative approaches.  Register by emailing celt@capital.edu
    Thursday, February 19th
    2 - 3pm
    What is Instructional Design?
    Jim Kerr - CELT Office
    Learn What is instructional design?  This workshop will relay basic fundamentals of instructional design for technology-enhanced, blended, and online learning. Also learn about instructional design models and planning/project management. To register email celt@capital.edu. 
    Tuesday, March 3rd
    10 - 11am
    Echo 360: Demo and Showcase
    Autumm Caines - CELT Office
    Various innovative faculty
    Share Echo 360 allows you to create online recorded presentations for your students.  Why would you want to do this? Well you could have students watch lectures before they come to class so that class time could be used for discussion. Perhaps you are just recording examples of problems sets.  Or maybe you are even recording your live course and providing it to students for review. Come to this workshop for an overview of the technology and to hear from other faculty that are using it. Register by emailing celt@capital.edu
    Thursday, March 12th
    Writing Tools in iLearn
    Autumm Caines - CELT Office
    Learn First CELT Online Webinar Workshop
    iLearn provides many different tools that can support writing.  This workshop will give an overview of how assignments, Turnitin Assignments, Wikis, and Blogs can be used in the classroom. To register email celt@capital.edu.

    View the recorded workshop
    Thursday, March 19th
    Digital Badges
    Jim Kerr - CELT Office
    Explore A look at what digital badges are, how they can be used in the classroom for motivation and student engagement, and as skill assessments and indicators of achievement. To register email celt@capital.edu.