Learning Series

  • The CELT Learning Series is designed to offer a variety of workshops using the Learn, Share and Explore tracks. Besides these scheduled workshops the members of CELT are available by appointment to help you with your individual needs.

    The CELT Learning Series is composed of workshops that are defined by three tracks: Learn, Share and Explore.


    Workshops on the Learn track are hands on workshops designed for participants to learn about subjects that currently have support structures in place by the university. These offerings will include informative workshops in the areas of technology, grants, instructional design, and student learning.


    Offerings in the share track will be presented by faculty or staff members wishing to share a teaching, advising, or organizational practice that they have found to be effective in their own work. If you are interested in delivering a workshop in the Share track then let us know about it.


    The Explore track will be composed of workshops and discussion groups around subjects for which the university does not have complete support structures in place. The explore track is intended to be a forward looking track that allows an avenue for creative dialog about current trends in the world at large that will affect higher education teaching and learning.

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    Workshop Schedule

    To sign-up for one of these workshops please email Registrants will receive an email notification of their registration with room location. Communication prior to specific workshops, including preliminary information, room updates, and cancellations, will be via email to those that register. To view a listing of previous workshops visit our prior semester learning series page - some of these have recordings.

    Workshop Schedule
    Several dates available. Please  RSVP to for full details.
    Title: Summer Faculty Staff Book Discussion

    Track: Explore

    Description: This summer we will be reading "Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out Of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning,"  by Dr. Jose Antonio Bowen. CELT will be partnering with the Blackmore Library to deliver a series of face-to-face discussions around the book as well as opportunities to interact online. Mathew Cook and Autumm Caines will be your hosts. We have some funds available to purchase books for participants and assistance in obtaining the book through library loan after those resources are exhausted. Please RSVP to if you are interested in participating.
    Title: Intro to iLearn

    Track: Learn

    Description: This basic online and on demand training resource can be completed anytime and anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection. You can access it by going to You may need to login to iLearn when you click on this link – the next step will be to click on the “enroll” button to enroll yourself into the course.
     Title: Attendance Tool Workshop

    Date: 9/2 2:00-3:00PM

    Track: Share/Learn

    Description: Work with Chris Sauer (IT) to master skills surrounding the attendance WebApp and its uses in and out of the classroom. Topics covered will include: daily use in the classroom, modifying and viewing attendance records, and generating attendance reports, as well as how to modify the tool’s features to best suit your needs.
    Title: About the University

    Date: 9/4 2:00-2:50PM

    Track: Share/Learn

    Description: Almar Walters will discuss collaboration between faculty and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Eric Anderson will talk about how the Career Development Office supports students inside and outside of the classroom. Jennifer Patterson will talk about the work of Advancement and how faculty can support fundraising efforts. Steve Bruning will discuss Athletics and student athletes. A representative from Business and Finance will describe the work of that office (tentative).
    Title: Promotion and Tenure Process

    Date: 9/25 2:00-2:50PM

    Track: Share/Learn

    Description: Representatives from the College Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC) will discuss the promotion and tenure review process, criteria, and timeline.
    Title: Academic Advising

    Date: 10/22 2:00PM

    Track: Share/Learn

    Description:  Faculty will learn about the work of the Academic Success Peer Advisors and the 2015 results of the Academic Advising Snapshot. Faculty also will take a look at the Advisor Worksheet that is designed to help advisors (and particularly those with high advising loads) and departments track advising sessions with the goal of better meeting students’ needs. Participants will share effective advising strategies that address the varying needs of the current generation of college students. This workshop is designed for both experienced and novice academic advisors.
    Title: High Impact Educational Practices

    Date: 11/6 2:00-2:50PM

    Track: Share/Learn

    Description:  Amy Adams will discuss the work of Enrollment Management. Stephanie Gray Wilson will talk about the Honors Program and undergraduate research. Deanna Wagner will describe service learning opportunities. Jennifer Adams will highlight the role of international education.
    Title: E-Learning Showcase

    Date: 11/19 11:00AM-12:00PM

    Track: Share/Learn

    Description:  There has been a lot of conversation about redesign by blending – where face to face and online pedagogies come together in a hybrid environment. Come hear from experienced faculty about teaching online and hybrid courses and brainstorm how you may flip, hybridize, or go fully online.