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Blackmore Library Mission, Vision and Goals
  • Mission Statement

    Supporting the University mission of transforming lives through higher education, the Blackmore Library strives to be a student-focused organization. We seek to meet the information needs of the University community, including all aspects of the curriculum, promoting scholarly research, and assisting in the personal and academic development of both the students and faculty.

    Vision Statement

    The Blackmore Library will be a laboratory of ideas, supporting the Lutheran principle of free inquiry. Library staff is committed to the academic success of every student.

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    The Library endeavors to:

    • Make certain that students and faculty have access to the resources necessary, by acquiring and making available current and relevant scholarly information in electronic or print format, continually improving library holdings, and working with state-wide consortia to increase access to scholarly materials for library users.
    • Ensure that students and faculty are able to readily identify and locate materials they require by providing dynamic reference assistance, physically going outside the library to assist students, and presenting in-class bibliographic instruction sessions.
    • Serve as both a learning environment and a setting for energizing the mind and spirit by providing innovative programming in a welcoming atmosphere.
    • Maintain its relevancy and value to the university community by being responsive to students and faculty suggestions and requests, as well as by performing periodic self-examinations and acting on those findings.


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